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The Holy Grail; Effective Delivery

Programme & Project Delivery
The right products or services, using the right approach at the right speed; that's effective delivery!

Strategy & Service Delivery

Sourcing & Supply Chain
Leading edge work from the most experienced and successful strategists and delivery experts for strategic sourcing and supply chain.

Inspiring Design for Modern, Adaptive Business

Designing and building in the right way, from the ground up.

Unleashing Maximum Potential

Learn, understand and put into practice what's necessary to unleash your team's potential and the potential of your organisation.

Amplify Executive Input & Productivity

Executive Services
Explore personalised, one-to-one and one-to-many executive level support services for C-suite and direct teams. We've got you covered.

Excellence in Finance

Responsibility for Finance
Learn, understand and put into practice what's necessary to unleash your organisation's potential with excellence in finance

Cyber Security and Risk

Cyber-Security and Risk
All you need to get and keep you and your business protected

New Client Stories

Performance Improvement within a Financial Institution

Design and delivery of finance transformation programme for multinational client

A commercial regional network restructure, re-homing a large insurance portfolio and financial improvements

The House of Ideas - Expansion And Diversification In A Recession

IT transformation at Polymer Solutions Group

Focus on core business - the case for Shared Services

New Services

Innovation Accelerator
A data-driven approach for diagnosing and capitalising upon systemic and tactical opportunities to uncover and…
HiveExec for Finance Leaders
This service focuses on accelerating success for finance leaders
Assessment of Business Architecture and Organisational Design…
This service assesses your current business architecture and organisational design capabilities and establishes the value…
Improve your IT Service Operating Model
Use your Business Goals to Shape your IT Delivery and Engagement Model and address your…
Optimising M&As through Business Design
Achieving successful Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestments through operating model and supply chain design
The Effective Sourcing Diagnostic
An an easy to engage, data driven approach to help organisations self-diagnose systemic and tactical…
The Digital Delivery Accelerator
The Digital Delivery Accelerator is a data-driven approach for diagnosing and capitalising upon systemic and…
Merger and Acquisition support and Post-Acquisition Integration
This service focuses on accelerating success for Delivery Focused Leaders and also for leaders responsible…
Create an Architecture (Enterprise Design) Capability
This service improves strategic alignment across the business driven by designed outcomes, whilst improving the…
Reduced risk of data breach in your…
Secure your business data and protect users from common cyberattacks
Check the Accessibility of a website
Independent review of a website for accessibility
Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Business Audit
This service focuses on providing a clear understanding of where AI and ML solutions could…
HiveExec for Digital Delivery Leaders
This service focuses on accelerating success for Delivery Focused Leaders
Scaling customer sucess in your organization through…
Define and establish strategy and organizational basis to ensure a consistent end-to-end customer service experience…
To Improve reputation, relationships, confidence and value…
Re-negotiate Key contracts to deliver value across the business (through existing or new suppliers)
Supply Chain Organisation Optimisation
Review and Redesign the E2E Supply Chain Operating Model From Procurement to Supplier Management
HiveExec for Business Architects
This service focuses on accelerating success for leaders responsible for Business Architecture
Articulate Analytics
Understand what is going on in your project or programme with visualisations of live delivery…
Goal-oriented Governance
Create decision boards with agreed terms of reference and membership, and reporting that drives decisions
HiveExec For Security & Risk Leaders
This service focuses on accelerating and amplifying success for leaders responsible for Information and Technology…
HiveExec For Effective Sourcing Strategy & Delivery
For anyone responsible for sourcing at a strategic level, this on-demand service focuses on providing…
Learn lessons from your projects to improve…
Let me help your team to reflect on its experience to extract learning you can…
Set up team collaboration site to improve…
Improve programme teamwork by setting up a team collaboration site using standard office software tools
Accelerated Cyber Security Review
Accelerated Cyber Security review and recommendations

Our Experts by Rating

HiveRank: 4146

David Clark

I've worked in Business and Technology roles for around 30 years, both client side and…
HiveRank: 4027

Kevin Fines-Smith

A Strategic Transformation Professional and Agile Programme Manager with experience of working across a number…
HiveRank: 3971

Kuldip Sandhu

Kuldip is a Digital / IT Transformation and Change CIO Leader with over 26+ years…
HiveRank: 3664

Philip Hellyer

Sense-making & decision support — I work with business owners & leaders to understand &…
HiveRank: 3232

Richard Morgan

Projects and programmes specialist who rolls his sleeves up, happy to serve and leads in…
HiveRank: 2844

Simon Field

Helping business leaders deliver transformational change in their organisation by designing and successfully delivering change…
HiveRank: 2779

Ian Carroll

Ian is a consultant, coach, and speaker on all topics related to Lean, Kanban and…
HiveRank: 2380

Paul Kelly

Rethink Operations and Supply Chains by aligning people, process and purpose
HiveRank: 2201

Narayanan Subramanyam

To make Information Technology as the most critical resource in business by leveraging its full…
HiveRank: 2164

Jennifer Baidoo

Jennifer works with Business Execs to shape their business. She defines the change landscape and…
HiveRank: 2114

John O'Brien

Designing, Building and Managing SAP technical platforms for over 25 years
HiveRank: 1885

Dave Jones

Portfolio / Fractional CIO. Specialising in providing guidance to organisations beginning a digital transformation initiative.

Sourcing Stories

Optimise Procurement efficiency and effectiveness

Improving Visibility on Contract Performance and Delivery

Thailand Market Growth Initiative - Increasing Supply Chain Security and Competitiveness

Review of mission critical systems, leading to enhanced Business and IT strategies

Transformation program brings British fashion company into the 21st century - and the FTSE 100

Improved Relationships with your Suppliers and Business Partners

Delivery Stories

Performance Improvement within a Financial Institution

IT transformation at Polymer Solutions Group

Improved 4,500 customers satisfaction and loyalty following migration to a modern platform

A successful post-acquisition business integration

Lead a post-acquisition Healthcare carve-out under significant time constraints

Recovered a critical financial services infrastructure digital transformation

Innovation Stories

The House of Ideas - Expansion And Diversification In A Recession

Delivering a new technology platform for MoneySupermarket.com to help UK households save more money

Improved business agility and ability to rapidly respond to change and opportunity

IT Transformation at ExCeL Convention Center

Optimise Procurement efficiency and effectiveness

Benefits Management revised divisional strategy - identifying opportunities for change and development

Insight Notes

Best practices and approaches for managing EA in an Agile environment