Helping Ambitious Businesses to Thrive

We’re strategists, service designers, user experience experts, coders and communicators. A multidisciplinary group with a common affinity for finding new ways to use experience design tools and fresh thinking to help businesses flourish.
As independent specialists from a trusted and diverse network of excellence, we provide a flexible approach that keeps our capabilities deep and our costs lean.

Innovation Experts

HiveRank: 5149

Kuldip Sandhu

Kuldip is a Digital / IT Transformation and Change CIO Leader with over 26+ years…
HiveRank: 4539

David Clark

I've worked in Business and Technology roles for around 30 years, both client side and…
HiveRank: 3765

Philip Hellyer

Sense-making & decision support — I work with business owners & leaders to understand &…
HiveRank: 2448

Miguel Canas

Service Culture & Collaborative Intelligence to foster innovative organizations
HiveRank: 2039

Richard Kernick

Advising organisations on understanding and positioning themselves in a digital world, spanning the divide between…
HiveRank: 1228

Billy Grierson

I help companies to add value by working together to improve their innovation and project…
HiveRank: 1163

Derek Cheshire

Working to create chameleon like, innovative businesses by removing blockages and enhancing creative thinking.
HiveRank: 1126

Daniel W. Rasmus

Owner of a boutique analyst firm that helps organizations work better together, differentiate their strategy,…
HiveRank: 773

Ruth Leak

Leader of teams and change involving technology, often on a large scale. Board experience.
HiveRank: 572

Anja Klüver

I am Prospect’s Managing and Service Experience Director with two decades of international (and award winning)…
HiveRank: 219

ken wallraven

Finding out about human truths and linking these with organisation focused needs through empathy, foresight…

Innovation Stories

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Innovation Services

Agile Thinking for Leaders Workshop
A workshop that uses scenario planning that encourages and empowers managers and leaders to adopt…
Innovation Accelerator
A data-driven approach for diagnosing and capitalising upon systemic and tactical opportunities to uncover and…
HiveExec For Innovators Leaders
This service focuses on accelerating success for leaders responsible for Innovation within the enterprise