Effective Transformation.

Digital is driving business to transform like never before. Aligning your teams, your investments and your effort around significant business change to directly improve business performance is complex and not in the natural skillset or experience for most organisations.
Read about how we can help Accelerate Your Transformation capabilities; together.

Transformation Experts

HiveRank: 5488

Kevin Fines-Smith

A Strategic Transformation Professional and Agile Programme Manager with experience of working across a number…
HiveRank: 5234

Kuldip Sandhu

Kuldip is a Digital / IT Transformation and Change CIO Leader with over 26+ years…
HiveRank: 4550

David Clark

I've worked in Business and Technology roles for around 30 years, both client side and…
HiveRank: 4045

John O'Brien

Designing, Building and Managing SAP technical platforms for over 25 years
HiveRank: 2797

Christian Jönsson

I drive and enable transformation, change and improvement so that businesses will increase profitability, create…
HiveRank: 1931

Iqbal Singh

Iqbal is a Programme and Project Manager with 20+ years of experience delivering business/IT transformation,…
HiveRank: 929

Helen McLeod

Communication consultant | Engagement & culture specialist | Change Management
HiveRank: 157

Jane Logie

Love strategy, transformation & complex problem solving.
HiveRank: 147

Pete Wallace

Programs. Project, Products & Transformation Consultant making technology human again.
HiveRank: 141

Stuart Griffin

Global CPO and Delivery Leader for Procurement, Sourcing & SRM. Transformation and Programme lead -…

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Transformation Services

Digital Transformation Accelerator
The Digital Transformation Accelerator is a data-driven approach to diagnose your opportunities to improve your…

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