Executive Level Advisory and Assurance

Our Executive Programs are designed to support senior leadership and their direct reports, across a number of key disciplines to call upon the insight, expertise and experiences of senior partners from the HiveMind Network.
The executive partner (or partners), you choose to work with, have all “walked in your shoes“. As well as providing an independent sounding board and fulfilling a “critical friend” role , they also bring to bear the power of the entire HiveMind ecosystem to support you and your team’s development and decision making.
From the outset we’ve built our Executive Programs as subscription models to ensure that no conflict of interest can occur over downstream activity or external sponsorship models. This underpins our strongly held conviction that independent Advice and Assurance that’s provided as “free”, rarely is!.

C-Suite Short Stories

Going beyond ‘only-product’ business management: Improving customer success and service value by enhancing cross-business collaboration

Too Much Innovation? How to Prune an Overgrown Innovation Portfolio

Innovation Audit in Oil & Gas: A Pizza Fuelled Response.

Performance Improvement within a Financial Institution

The House of Ideas - Expansion And Diversification In A Recession

Delivering a new technology platform for MoneySupermarket.com to help UK households save more money

Meet the Executive Practitioners

HiveRank: 5461

Kevin Fines-Smith

A Strategic Transformation Professional and Agile Programme Manager with experience of working across a number…
HiveRank: 5150

Kuldip Sandhu

Kuldip is a Digital / IT Transformation and Change CIO Leader with over 26+ years…
HiveRank: 4539

David Clark

I've worked in Business and Technology roles for around 30 years, both client side and…
HiveRank: 3765

Philip Hellyer

Sense-making & decision support — I work with business owners & leaders to understand &…
HiveRank: 3620

Dimitar Filipov

A Programme or Service Delivery Director with Global / Regional remit
HiveRank: 3282

Richard Morgan

Projects and programmes specialist who rolls his sleeves up, happy to serve and leads in…
HiveRank: 3052

Paul Kelly

Rethink Operations and Supply Chains by aligning people, process and purpose
HiveRank: 2757

Christian Jönsson

I drive and enable transformation, change and improvement so that businesses will increase profitability, create…
HiveRank: 2663

Narayanan Subramanyam

To make Information Technology as the most critical resource in business by leveraging its full…
HiveRank: 2448

Miguel Canas

Service Culture & Collaborative Intelligence to foster innovative organizations
HiveRank: 2039

Richard Kernick

Advising organisations on understanding and positioning themselves in a digital world, spanning the divide between…
HiveRank: 1831

Mike Hammond

Supply Chain and Procurement Transformation - People, Processes, Categories and Contracts. Delivering Commercial and Operational…

HiveExec Services

HiveExec for Digital Delivery Leaders
This service focuses on accelerating success for Delivery Focused Leaders
HiveExec for Business Architects
This service focuses on accelerating success for leaders responsible for Business Architecture
HiveExec For Security & Risk Leaders
This service focuses on accelerating and amplifying success for leaders responsible for Information and Technology…
HiveExec For Effective Sourcing Strategy & Delivery
For anyone responsible for sourcing at a strategic level, this on-demand service focuses on providing…
HiveExec For Innovators Leaders
This service focuses on accelerating success for leaders responsible for Innovation within the enterprise