Effective Delivery; the right things, the right way, at the right speed.

We look together at business goals, targets and opportunities; identifying associated blockers to success and eliminating them. Using a combination of experience and data to drive decisions and practical recommendations, we facilitate rapid, measurable improvements in delivery; resolving root cause issues whilst identifying any expected impact on your business of taking (or not taking) action.
This enables your development of, and execution against, an actionable plan for driving new delivery efficiencies and innovation based opportunities across your organisation, aligning clearly to business metrics, targets and goals.
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Delivery Focused Experts

HiveRank: 5461

Kevin Fines-Smith

A Strategic Transformation Professional and Agile Programme Manager with experience of working across a number…
HiveRank: 5150

Kuldip Sandhu

Kuldip is a Digital / IT Transformation and Change CIO Leader with over 26+ years…
HiveRank: 4304

Simon Field

Helping business leaders deliver transformational change in their organisation by designing and successfully delivering change…
HiveRank: 3620

Dimitar Filipov

A Programme or Service Delivery Director with Global / Regional remit
HiveRank: 3282

Richard Morgan

Projects and programmes specialist who rolls his sleeves up, happy to serve and leads in…
HiveRank: 1824

Paul Hookham

Delivery of Business Simulations to launch High Performing Teams and Transformational Change
HiveRank: 1693

David Gay

I am a Programme Manager with extensive experience in building and managing teams that successfully…
HiveRank: 1415

Sweyn Martin

Business transformation and change management leader with a passion for problem solving and delivering innovative…
HiveRank: 643

David Waller

See the genuine benefits – develop new products and improve live services by finding who…
HiveRank: 577

Joris Peucheret

I partner with businesses to define and deliver Human-centric Digital strategies aligning stakeholders to create…
HiveRank: 498

David Briggs

A senior Change professional with over 20 years experience in major Change & Programme Management
HiveRank: 453

Nicole Reilly

My goal is to help my customers to work smarter, not harder and to achieve…

Delivery Focused Case Studies

Performance Improvement within a Financial Institution

Improved 4,500 customers satisfaction and loyalty following migration to a modern platform

A successful post-acquisition business integration

Lead a post-acquisition Healthcare carve-out under significant time constraints

Recovered a critical financial services infrastructure digital transformation

Higher proportion of projects fit for purpose, on time and on budget

Delivery Focused Services

The Digital Delivery Accelerator
The Digital Delivery Accelerator is a data-driven approach for diagnosing and capitalising upon systemic and…
Merger and Acquisition support and Post-Acquisition Integration
This service focuses on accelerating success for Delivery Focused Leaders and also for leaders responsible…
HiveExec for Digital Delivery Leaders
This service focuses on accelerating success for Delivery Focused Leaders
Articulate Analytics
Understand what is going on in your project or programme with visualisations of live delivery…
Goal-oriented Governance
Create decision boards with agreed terms of reference and membership, and reporting that drives decisions
Learn lessons from your projects to improve…
Let me help your team to reflect on its experience to extract learning you can…
Set up team collaboration site to improve…
Improve programme teamwork by setting up a team collaboration site using standard office software tools