Putting privacy on the agenda before it becomes the agenda

No organisation can afford to ignore their privacy obligations, no matter where they are, or, where their customers are located.

We work to help understand and address privacy obligations because compliance is enterprise specific. Together we identify priority challenges, considering the minimum requirements and delivering these through an iterative and risk-based approach.

We provide a multi-disciplinary view to privacy, ensuring that all angles are considered, working across all levels in the organisation from the Board to the Floor.

Privacy & DPO Stories

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Privacy & DPO Experts

HiveRank: 3139

John O'Brien

Designing, Building and Managing SAP technical platforms for over 25 years
HiveRank: 2767

Paul Kelly

Rethink Operations and Supply Chains by aligning people, process and purpose
HiveRank: 1316

Alan Simmonds

Experienced privacy professional and DPO specialising in governance, GDPR, DPA, CCPA, PDPx, POPIA etc. and enterprise/business…
HiveRank: 941

Bill Blackburn

Helping businesses to design for success
HiveRank: 278

Doug Simmons

Provide IT security, identity and access management, and IT risk management expertise to CISO and…
HiveRank: 145

David Brown

Cyber security, data protection and privacy specialist, with 20+ years public and private sector experience.
HiveRank: 144

Myriam Tisler

I am a Business Analyst with project delivery experience.
HiveRank: 139

Stuart Griffin

Global CPO and Delivery Leader for Procurement, Sourcing & SRM. Transformation and Programme lead -…