Dash Apps

Orders and Credits Management

  1. Add Client Purchase Agreement / Add Network Units
  2. Manage Purchase Agreements / Mark as Paid
  3. Approve Network Units Loading Dash
  4. Add Enquiry Credits
  5. Transfer Units Between Client Groups

Bookings Management

  1. Time Log Approvals (Admin)
  2. Time Log Approvals (Consulting 1st line approval)
  3. Book EP Subscription Day (For self only!)
  4. Book EP Subscription Day (on their behalf)
  5. Book EP Net Unit Deliveries (on their behalf – Master Override!) (Juliette & Lyndon)
  6. Profit Burn Booking (Negative Comp Adjustment) (Juliette & Lyndon)
  7. Deleted bookings report
  8. Resend Client Approvals Magic Link

Expert Contracts Management

  1. New Create Member MSA
  2. Create a New BCS
  3. Edit or Approve a BCS
  4. View Engagement Agreements and Contracts
  5. MSA and Engagement Agreement Checker Dash
  6. Check Member Insurances Dashboard
  7. Master Agreement / VAT Cert Management (MSAs)
  8. Edit Existing MSA (Swap between Ltd and Sole Trader)
  9. View Expert MSA Dashboard
  10. Expert Contracts Dashboard

Client Contracts Management

  1. Create New Client Master Agreement (MSA)
  2. Client MSA Dashboard
  3. Create Client Purchase Agreements
  4. Approve Client Purchase Agreements

Sales Management

  1. Overall Profit Sales Reporting (Before comp deducts)
  2. By Customer Company Profit & Margin Reporting (Before comp deducts)
  3. Active Engagement Agreement but No Bookings
  4. View Engagement Agreements and Contracts
  5. Magic Sales Helper

Delivery Management / Client Success

  1. Bookings Anchors & Engines Report
  2. Monthly CFO / Full Burn Report / Forecast
  3. Experts Engaged in Contracts Report
  4. Client Forecast Dashboard
  5. Client Forecast Reporting
  6. View Engagement Agreements and Contracts
  7. Forecast Dash
  8. Detailed Forecast Dash (Magic!)

Financial Management

  1. Bookings on Invoice Report
  2. Monthy Pay Run
  3. Expert Payments On Hold Dash
  4. Expert Delivery Payment Dash
  5. Review Submitted Expenses (inc Pending Client Approval)
  6. Expert Expenses to Client Invoice / PA Dash
  7. Comp Payments Dash
  8. Comp Agreement management Dash
  9. Manually Add Comp for Subscriptions
  10. Management Accounting Reports 1 & 2 (AdminJuliette)
  11. Management Accounting Report 3 for Deleted & Reconciled (AdminJuliette)
  12. Monthly Reporting (Lyndon rough workings)
  13. HRM Expenses CSV File Creator

Network Units & Credits Reporting

  1. Per Company & Per Group Net Units Burn Reports
  2. Per Group per Expert Net Units Burn Reporting
  3. Per Company Units Burn Summary and by Group
  4. Transfer Units Between Client Groups
  5. All Available SK Units Now
  6. All Consumed Units by Company between dates
  7. Monthly CFO Burn Report
  8. Show all EP with Active Agreements that haven’t submitted bookings
  9. Expiring in 90 Days Network Units Report
  10. HiveExec Reporting
  11. Remaining Units Per Company Report (New)
  12. Transferred Units Approval Dash
  13. Client Burn and Revenue Forecast Report
  14. Forecast/Profit Dashboard

Member Management Info & Reporting

  1. Joiner Dash
  2. Member Applicant Marketing Sources Report
  3. Member Management Information
  4. Member Applicants & Joiners report
  5. Member Hiverank Dash
  6. Member Skills Numbers Report
  7. Member HiveRank Interrogator Dash (Select options only)
  8. Member Flexible Interrogator Dash (Select options and numbers)
  9. LMS Engagement Dashboard
  10. Top 100 HiveRank in Last 90 Days
  11. Look up Experts by Skill(s)
  12. Who have these Experts Nominated
  13. Recent Expert Extract (with optional skills) [CRM / OLD DO NOT USE]
  14. Manual Expert iRedMail Account Creation

Member Success & Resourcing

  1. Joiner Dash
  2. Basic Entry Checks
  3. Reference Checking
  4. Employee Pick Up Multiple Nominee Interviews
  5. Get Reference Entry for Nominee Link (for direct emailing)
  6. Reset Timed Out Application
  7. Pause a nomination
  8. Job Management Dash (Change Owners)
  9. Fast Track Nominee to Expert
  10. Upgrade Self-Nominated to Nominated By
  11. Find a users details from their User ID
  12. Prospect Dash
  13. Member CV Dash

Expert Account Management

  1. Member Deletion (Danger Will Robinson!) (Resourcing)
  2. View or Change Expert Name or Email Details (or password reset help)
  3. Jury Duty 1 Time New Interviewee Skip
  4. F2F Check-In
  5. HiveRank Allocation
  6. Program Enrolement
  7. Create New Expert Account Bypass (Caution!)
  8. Add Company Name to Expert

Client Management

  1. Client Companies Dashboard
  2. Company Groups Dashboard
  3. View or Change Client Name or Email Details
  4. New Client Interaction Note
  5. Create Client Account
  6. HiveExec Reporting
  7. Resend Client Approvals Magic Link


  1. Job Management Dash (Change Owners)

Employee Management

  1. Employee Account creation (with bypass)
  2. Employee Group Management


  1. Diagnostic Expert Reports View
  2. Diagnostic Questions Uploader
  3. Diagnostic Themes Updater

Marketing & Messaging

  1. Skill & Location based Rocket DM Send Module (USE WITH CAUTION!)
  2. Industry & Skills based Rocket DM Send Module
  3. Rocket Group based Email Module
  4. Rocket Group based Rocket Direct Message Module (POWER!)
  5. Skill based Email Send Module
  6. Message Experts who have not Nominated or Interviewed
  7. Schedule RC Messages & Posts

Sales Mangement

  1. Client Share Dashboard


  1. Codex Wiki Entry

Content Management

  1. Answer Store Quality Checks

HiveMind Employee Management

  1. TheHive User Groups Management

Lyndon Only!

  1. Re-Index ElasticSearch (Keep Off!)
  2. Rocket Auth Link