Giant Slalom

A lot of people are thinking about their winter sports plans, as we move through autumn. At the same time, a lot of people are getting into the swing of projects that kicked off in September. The second group have a set of constraints. Just for clarity, I am an architect, and a bit of a snowboarding thug, so we’ll concentrate on how this thinking can enable delivery teams, and their customers to get the best out of projects.

A Lasting Legacy or Eternal Damnation? Redemption is in the Clouds

In the business world many personal legacies are less memorable and more toxic, and deserve to be consigned to the Rip Off Rascals Hall of Shame. The Enron gang, Robert Maxwell and Fred Goodwin immediately come to mind. But there is one definition of legacy that many companies would probably also like to forget, but are reminded of every day by their customers and employees.This is their old and creaking technology defined in many dictionaries as “of, relating to, or being a previous or outdated computer system.”

Do You Need a New Warehouse Management System?

Is it time to upgrade your warehouse management system? If yours meets the criteria on this list, the answer is likely “yes.”
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What Are the True Costs of a New WMS?

There is a significant amount of research to suggest that a majority of WMS projects run significantly over budget. Some even fail because of the following factors. If you plan for and address these up front, you’re much more likely to achieve the business objectives you desire.


One of the cooler things I saw teams do this year is the idea of a “Three Amigos,” session. Basically, before an individual takes on a new task from the board, they ask a couple of peers to do a quick sense check on the task. It’s a great idea because its so easy to be too close to a solution, and miss some architectural intent, or business value by simply getting on with it.

Let Ops help Dev spec it’s ‘Technical Investment Vehicle’

If you are an ITSM professional, fully conversant in the ITIL vocabulary, you will have no worries understanding the term Problem Management. The term ‘Technical Investment Vehicle’ however may leave you scratching your temple. Coined by my esteemed Hivemind colleague Mark Dickinson, in his blog on the subject of how to deal with technical debt…

We did it! Agendashift is fully live

We did it! Agendashift is out of beta and 22 awesome Lean-Agile coaches, consultants, and trainers have joined me as authorised partners and facilitators. Each of them has full access to the Agendashift tools and materials and will be using them with their clients (many in fact are already doing so).

Making Meetings Matter

According to Dr. James Ware, author of the recently released book “Making Meetings Matter, How Smart Leaders Orchestrate Powerful Conversations in the Digital Age” notes that the 21st Century is the age of networked knowledge. And for me, that means connecting in a meaningful way with others, whether you do it via email, Twitter, Facebook, and other forms of social …
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