We’re piloting Agile but most of the org is Waterfall

Loosely based on the Marshall Model here’s an org level view I often see within larger organisations. Phrases I’ve heard associated with this view are “we have pockets of Agile but we’re mainly Waterfall” or “We’re piloting Agile but most of the org is Waterfall”. I used this slide in a recent presentation on organisation … »

Kanban Cheat Sheet

I’ve pulled together a cheat sheet aimed at helping individuals work with Kanban. It only really covers the what and the how – for the why you’ll need to do further reading. This is the first edition of the cheat sheet so please send me any feedback to incorporate into later editions. Click the graphic … »

The Customer Experience message; a victim of its own success?

Over 23 million variations on a theme.  At least, that’s how many links you’ve access to if you put “Definition of customer experience” into Google.   There are only 3 million more links to “Definition of humanity”. So it’s not surprising that to engage the corporate leadership team or those of a sceptical, short-term disposition in […]

Rails, Fast Tests and Architecture

For a while now I have been flirting with Ruby and Ruby on Rails. Very early on, I learned the hard way to stick to the ‘Rails way’, especially when you don’t yet understand the technology. I have however, often found myself fighting both rails and wha…

Umbraco 4.9 Schema

I was having a look through the Umbraco 4.9 database a while ago and made some notes, thought I’d share them here. It has changed for V6.


Relates content nodeIds to contenttypeIds (doctypes) (So tells each content item to which doc…

Send that email through GMail from C#

Often we’ll need to send out email from websites containing notifications etc. Traditionally I installed the MS mail service (an open relay mail server) on the server and cracked on. That probably isn’t best practice and its difficult to give the clien…

Estimating how much the indefinite might cost

There are lots of articles out there on Agile estimation, i.e. T-Shirt sizing, Planning poker, etc. which is commonly used at the iteration planning stage. But what about in the scenario where you haven’t engaged a supplier/partner yet and you need to know how much to budget for? There are probably many ways to do this … »

One step closer to eradicating projects from your organisation

I’ve found the following visualisation really useful for weaning organisations off using the project approach for software development. This visualisation unpicks two major contentions common in orgs: Staff contention – the over-allocation of staff (not resources!!), this is where one person is allocated to multiple projects, .33 FTE on Project 1, .25 FTE on Project … »

Time and materials vs fixed price fixed scope

As I mentioned in my previous post, most contracts attempt to transfer all risk to the supplier by locking in the scope, price, and timescales. What you’re actually doing here is locking in project failure from the outset. Your costs will almost certainly rocket as you get hit with change requests with hefty price tags. We … »

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