We created our Practices and Communities of Excellence to give structure and relevance to our organisation; reflecting the needs of modern business whilst being able to sense and respond to the changes as they happen.

Co-Founder: Dave Clark

HiveMind Practices are each led by a Practice Champion. A highly skilled and experienced expert in their respective field, their role is to help support our Communities of Excellence, developing compelling services and solutions to meet the needs of our clients.

HiveMind Practice Groups have been created and defined by market demand and are structured as follows:

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From Purpose to Portfolio

Strategy, Innovation and Business Design
Co-create and communicate to your employees, customers and partners a clear, compelling, innovative and purpose driven vision and strategy.

Agility & Effectiveness

Organisational Effectiveness & Agility
We help our clients become enterprises that can quickly sense change, and re-configure in hours, days, or weeks not months, quarters, or years.

Accelerated Solution Delivery
Build differentiating products, services and capabilities to deliver outstanding customer and colleague experiences, and do so at speed.
Digital Enablement
Modernise and optimise the IT Architectures, ways of working and supplier ecosystem to provide the digital foundations upon which new, innovative products, services and capabilities can be delivered.

BI & Analytics
Capture, enrich, analyse and unlock the knowledge and insight in your data to make informed decisions and actions. Draw upon our leading data scientists, analysts and engineers to build competetive advantage.
Process Effectiveness & Automation
Bring together process improvement techniques alongside RPA & Machine learning technologies to drive down costs and improve effectiveness.