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Co-Founder and Managing Partner
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I've worked in Business and Technology roles for around 30 years, both client side and delivery side.

What makes me happy is finding ways of delivering business value through the innovative application and management of information and technology (and I don't just mean computers).

Deep interest/passion in enterprise digitalization, accelerated delivery models (cradle to grave - not just development) and organisational change to try and remove silo mentality and let people flourish.
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Leeds, UK
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I started out many years ago (30!) as an "average developer" in a small software house,  quickly discovered my passion lay in design (architecting solutions, before the term had been invented). 

From this humble beginning I have been lucky enough to have experienced working in a variety of organisations and sectors applying technology to help change the way in which companies operate.

Typically I've held both CIO and COO type roles including my last stint on the "demand side" - where I was Director of Innovation, Improvement and Information for a gas distribution company - Northern Gas.  I'm a passionate advocate of techniques such as agile and design thinking to help organisation to find ways of delivering business value faster and more effectively.

As an expert practitioner and co-founder within the HiveMind Network I now enjoy working with colleagues and client side members to help change businesses for the better.
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Expert Practitioner

Northern Gas are an award winning Gas Distribution company based in the North of England. The CEO Mark Horsley has been transforming NGN into a high performing asset management business over the last five years. Changing the culture, the ways of working and the technology to both improve customer service and at the same time reduce waste/cost. Mark recognised that to continue in his ambition to make NGN a world class company that he would require a shift in how technology was both used and delivered.

Mark asked my to join the executive team as Innovation, Improvement and Information Director and to lead/champion the change in both IT and the way in which technology enabled programmes and projects were delivered whilst also looking at ways in which to reduce the overall cost of IT to the business.

Following my appointment I developed an integrated digital and information technology strategy which meant bringing back in house many elements of IT which had been outsourced to offshore providers. At the same time I introduced the principles and concepts of using agile delivery techniques, not only for software delivery but to improve work flow and visibility from the board room to the depots. NGN gradually moved away from the stop/start environment of the traditional projects towards "continuous delivery" workstreams built around business capabilities.

In addition I introduced the principles of service design/design thinking techniques to ensure we developed systems that people actively found easy to engage with and fulfilled the needs of our customers and colleagues. In practice this was achieved by introducing a User Experience team into NGN.

Along side this shift in the IT mindset we established a hybrid model for Infrastructure and Operations blending both on and off premise models.

A reduction in technology spend of close to 40%. A radical reduction in technology enabled delivery timescales, in areas (audited) this meant we were delivering software in five to ten days that had previously taken 100+ days. Greatly enhanced departmental morale which resulted in NGN Digital/Technology services function getting special recognition at the UK Agile awards.

Removed silo thinking and lead the creation of multi-disciplinary NGN teams which included IT, HR, Operations, Finance, Procurement, etc and who focused on delivering outcomes rather than outputs.

David Clark

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