The Situation

Due to skills restrictions because of office location and limited flexibility in op-ex, this client was struggling to resource a major change programme with the right skills, just when they were needed most.


The Task

The CIO needed a way to call upon trusted peers for reputation based recommendations of experts that would make themselves available to help ah-hoc, not just on a fixed contract.


The Action / Approach

Working with the CIO we were able to understand the strategic priorities for the coming 6 months. These were mapped and confidentially circulated with trusted HiveMind members who then assisted in refining requirements with accompanying background insight.

This enabled rapid network propagation of requirements that arose through the period, to trusted experts who became quickly familiar with the member’s organisation and were willing to help as needed, working together to make a bigger difference that they could alone.


The Result

As requirements for ad-hoc advice, insight or temporary capacity arose, the CIO and his team were able to quickly and easily bring to bear trusted, relevant experts, gaining advice and delivery support around the challenges. This meant that with limited budget flexibility, the CIO tapped into the right people, for just as much as was needed to reduce unnecessary spend in a myriad of areas. This freed up some of his budget which in turn enabled HiveMinders to provide additional capacity to his team, enabling faster delivery on other existing initiatives.

Working with a number of HiveMind members who helped introduce agile ways of working, the CIO's reputation with board peers was significantly lifted and the client organisation achieved a reduction in their ‘IDEAS TO LIFE’ time FROM 90 DAYS DOWN TO UNDER 10!

Value was delivered by;

  • Improved credibility with and confidence from across the business

  • Improved financial control and predictability in delivery

  • Improving customer and colleague service and satisfaction

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New Areas of Value:
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Enhanced Reputation with Peers

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