Service Summary

The Digital Delivery Accelerator is a data-driven approach for diagnosing and capitalising upon systemic and tactical opportunities to improve delivery capabilities; enabling you to more effectively align investment in time and effort to directly improve performance and drive increased value from technology for the business and key stakeholders groups. We utilise a collaborative, structured approach with rapid reflection and challenge across six perspectives of high-performance digital delivery.

Typical Benefits

The Digital Delivery Accelerator results in some or all of the following typical benefits within the context of your organisation and for leaders responsible for delivery:

– A comprehensive, independent validation of current delivery performance that can be leveraged to expedite tactical decision making and support the business and investment case for strategic change.

– A greater understanding of the impediments to high-performance delivery, with actionable recommendations that allow you to quickly capitalise on improvement opportunities.

– Increased clarity that drives improved process performance and financial control resulting in more accurate estimation and a higher proportion of projects being fit for purpose, on time and aligned to your strategic goals.

– Combining you and your team’s experience, with our leading expert insight and proven methods/remedial actions to enable demonstrable improvements in business value and reducing the time to successfully implementing change.


Our approach and process consists of the following steps: 

  1. An initial 30-minute engagement kick-off session with you and, and if appropriate, your Delivery Leadership to confirm the scope and timeframe for the engagement.
  2. One or more remote workshops to answer a series of structured questions in order to gain a detailed understanding of your environment, across the following six perspectives:
    1. Purpose to Portfolio Co-create and communicate a clear, compelling innovative and purpose-driven strategy and supporting portfolio to deliver it. (We do this at a corporate, divisional and functional level.)
    2. Organisational Agility & Adaptability Build a culture, environment, operating model and business ecosystem that fosters innovation, experimentation, adaptivity and agility.
    3. Accelerated Solution Delivery Build differentiating products, services and capabilities to deliver outstanding customer and colleague experiences, and do so at speed.
    4. Digital Enablement Modernise and optimise the IT Architectures, ways of working and supplier ecosystem to provide the digital foundations upon which new, innovative products, services and capabilities can be delivered.
    5. BI and Analytics Capture, enrich, analyse and unlock the knowledge and insight in your data to make informed decisions and actions. Draw upon our leading data scientists, analysts and engineers to build competitive advantage.
    6. Process Effectiveness & Automation Bring together process improvement techniques alongside RPA & Machine learning technologies to drive down costs and improve organisational effectiveness.
  3. A 30-minute review session to cover any remaining clarifications prior to the creation of your recommendations report.
  4. Following this review pre-report documentation is provided to you to give context to findings and the report delivery session.
  5. Upon completion of the workshops, the HiveMind delivery team will create your report that will contain practical and actionable recommendations
  6. Prior to its release to you, the report will be reviewed by three separate, independent, leading digital delivery experts in collaboration.
  7. Following the internal sign-off of the report HiveMind Delivery Executives will hold an hour-long recommendations and report delivery session with you, and, at your discretion, your team where we discuss the report, our findings and key recommendations/actions.

Service Delivery Experts

Sweyn Martin

Dimitar Filipov

Paul Hookham

Kuldip Sandhu

David Gay

Kevin Fines-Smith

Iqbal Singh

Our Requirements of You

To allow us to deliver a report that provides the maximum value with the minimum disruption we require you to:

* Ensure that an executive sponsor from your organisation is allocated to the engagement, communicating the rationale behind it.

* Ensure that a contract, (and confidentiality agreement where necessary) is in place, in advance of any work commencing.

* Ensure availability of the resources (information, people and artifacts) required to enable successful completion of the engagement.

* Ensure sponsor availability to resolve any issues that may impact the completion of the engagement, within the agreed timeline.

* Provide honest and accurate feedback on the quality of the engagement and deliverables, once completed.

Our Commitments to You

* Timeliness of all work and deliverables.

* Provide support throughout service delivery using our experienced delivery professionals and Subject Matter Experts.

* Provide high-quality deliverables in a timely manner and in line with agreements upon engagement with the client. (Any changes to this will be mutually agreed in writing, in advance, between all involved parties).

* Provide deep insights and genuine value-add in all applicable areas throughout the engagement.

* Provide progress updates and feedback at regular intervals, agreed in advance or at the engagement kick-off session.


During the delivery of the report we will create the following deliverables:

  • Practical, Actionable Report including:
    • An assessment of current and relevant digital delivery capabilities.
    • Details of what is currently strong within your delivery organisation along with highlighted areas of opportunity with business implications of change.
    • Recommendations on the direction and actionable areas.
  • Report Delivery & Feedback Session
    • A facilitated discussion with an experienced consultant(s) to review findings and talk through practical, actionable recommendations.
  • Personal, follow up session with the sponsor to agree on the prioritisation of actions and practical next steps.

Available Service Engagement Models

*This service may be engaged via multiple engagement model options to provide maximum flexibility.

Network Units

Network Units enable complete flexibility around any engagement. When using Network Units, clients can swap and change delivery experts, scope and duration of engagements in a frictionless manner with very little notice, in line with the quantity of Network Units purchased. Network Units can be purchased in blocks of any size and at any time and are billed in full at point of purchase.

Project Based Engagement

Project based engagements operate on the basis of agreeing work and any outcomes or milestones for delivery in advance of commencement of any engagement in a ‘Statement of Work’. Prices are fixed for the agreed deliverables and should changes be required, these may incur changes to delivery costs. Payment for Project Based Engagements are agreed on a case-by-case basis, giving consideration to risk, contract value, client payment history, relationship longevity and duration.

Subscription Service

A HiveMind Subscription Service enables clients to flexibly engage with HiveMind Expert(s) in line with the subscription purchased. Subscriptions typically run for 12, 24 or 36 months or can also be arranged on a rolling 6 monthly basis. Subscriptions for 6 or 12 months are billed at the commencement of service, with billing for 24 or 36 month contracts taking place on the annual anniversary of subscription commencement.

Focus In On: Responsible for Project and Programme Delivery

New Areas of Value:

Higher proportion of projects fit for purpose, on time and on budget

Ability to clearly demonstrate value to the business

Greater acceptance of change – quicker to implement new changes

Increased influence with suppliers

Better support of business directives

Increased credibility with and confidence from across the business

Higher delivery efficiency and effectiveness from clarity around process performance

Greater financial control and predictability in delivery

Improved project estimation and delivery capability (right first time)

Improved customer and colleague service and satisfaction

Validation of the IT change strategy

Improvements around:

Disruption from business restructure or reprioritisations

Poor project/portfolio pipeline planning and estimation process

Unclear or immature business strategy

Weak project prioritisation, approval, compliance and sponsorship

Poor communication of requirements, progress and expectations

Lack of appropriate collaboration tools and ways of working

Insufficient good data and reporting tools

Lack of subject matter expertise and experience

Lack of clarity or understanding on operational readiness requirements