Service Summary

Lift the bonnet on one project to tune its engine and optimise the entire fleet of projects through the behaviours and methods applied.

Typical Benefits

The projects can be running but into the ground, with seemingly regular problems coming up every week with lots of reactivity and little predictability.

The typical areas where value is most realised from this service are;
-More predictable costs and financial control leading to greater predictability in project Delivery across the portfolio
-A strengthened and right more first time project estimation and delivery capability, removing the need for costly reactive measures
-Glowing satisfaction with projects delivered giving improved credibility with and confidence from across the business
-More targeted and directly linkable value between project outputs to business outcomes and improved support of Business Directives
-Improved delivery efficiency and effectiveness from clarity around process performance


The service rolls out in modules of activity, each one is loosely coupled to the other giving valuable outputs to achieve the outcome specified by the client:

-Costs – a work package that analyses the controlling costs, mapping the key costs that ‘Enable delivery without compromising quality’
-Resources – a drains up on the sourcing, supply-chain and demand management to optimise ‘Having the right capabilities and capacity to deliver’
-Early warnings – implementing the tripwires of process steps and lightweight targeted flares of MI reporting that delivers ‘Increased quality of oversight, governance, control and delivery performance’.
-Sustaining the effect – embedding, documenting and instilling the method and behaviours for the Efficient and Effective project performance, assurance and PMO controls to stick like barnacles to your culture

Service Delivery Experts

Richard Morgan

Paul Hookham

Our Requirements of You

Client will support with data, resources and availability in agreed timeline to complete the work package(s)

Contract and confidentiality agreements in place

Client will commit resources (time/staff) to complete the change post process to realise the benefits

Our Commitments to You

* Provide support throughout service delivery using our World Class Professionals and Subject Matter Experts.
* Provide high quality deliverables in a timely manner and in line with agreements upon engagement with the client. (Any changes to this will be mutually agreed in writing, in advance, between all involved parties).
* Provide deep insights and genuine value-add in all possible areas throughout the engagement.
* Provide progress updates and feedback at regular intervals, agreed in advance or at the engagement ‘kick off session’.
* Respect all personal and professional development of client team members throughout the engagement.


The lasting output from this engagement is achieved through the work package deliverable(s) selected below:

  • Project accounting and cost analysis pack with hotspots and Hivemind optimised recommendations linked to behaviour and culture triggers
  • A resource register highlighting the utilisation profile of your scarce resources against deliverables achieved
  • Skills assessment and supply chain mapping against time to on-board versus phased resource demand profiles
  • Business Analysis of the operating model versus the organisation culture mapping the anchors and engines process areas
  • A programme of behaviour, leadership and operating methods to align team thinking to the analysis and insights provided – teaching them how to fish and not just giving them the fish
  • A campaign plan to promote the methods, behaviours and process across the teams over the coming weeks and months embedding the change that’s started
  • Exit pack detailing how the exit will be managed and timelines for deliverables to be landed

Focus In On: Responsible for Project and Programme Delivery

New Areas of Value:

Greater financial control and predictability in delivery

Improved project estimation and delivery capability (right first time)

Increased credibility with and confidence from across the business

Better support of business directives

Higher delivery efficiency and effectiveness from clarity around process performance

Improvements around:

Poor project/portfolio pipeline planning and estimation process

Lack of clarity or understanding on operational readiness requirements

Lack of subject matter expertise and experience

Weak project prioritisation, approval, compliance and sponsorship

Poor communication of requirements, progress and expectations

Relevant Business Perspectives