Service Summary

Let me help your team to reflect on its experience to extract learning you can apply to future projects

Typical Benefits

This service helps you to extract actionable insights from project delivery experience and apply them to future initiatives, leading to:
• A higher proportion of projects fit for purpose, delivered on time and on budget.
• Improved project estimation and capability to deliver projects right first time.
• Improved credibility with and confidence from across the business.
• Improving customer and colleague service and satisfaction.
• Less reinventing the wheel, and less repetition of past mistakes.
• Awareness of issues that have arisen on past projects, leading to better risk identification on future projects.


This service is based on Ken Burrell’s book Learning lessons from projects. Typically, the delivery of this service takes place at the end of a project or shortly after the completion of a significant project deliverable, and looks like this:

  • We spend some time talking to you to gather some information about the project and its context so that we understand what you want from the process.
  • We gather from you a list of names and email addresses for people who were members of the project team, who were part of the end user population who were affected by the project and whose role it was to make use of the project outputs to achieve the business case benefits (up to 100 respondents total).
  • We send these people a short, anonymous web survey to gather their thoughts and feelings about the project, and nudge them to complete the survey in time to allow the comments to be aggregated before the workshop.
  • We come to your site and facilitate a workshop (for up to 20 attendees) in which we:
    • (Optionally) deliver a short presentation on how organisations learn from projects and why it can go wrong.
    • Play back the results of the web survey, and identify any important themes arising from it.
    • Collectively reflect on the project, to identify what changes could usefully be made to future projects.
    • Capture actions (with names and delivery dates) for future implementation.
  • We set up a web-based actions board containing the agreed actions from the workshop, assigned to the attendees.

(Optionally) we can facilitate a follow-up session (e.g. six months after the workshop) to evaluate progress.

Service Delivery Experts

Ken Burrell

Our Requirements of You

• Ensuring an executive sponsor from your organisation is allocated to the engagement, communicates the rationale behind it and signs off any ‘Terms of Reference’
• Assisting in all possible ways to ensure that a contract, (and confidentiality agreement where necessary) is in place, in advance of any work commencing
• Ensuring all support is in place and access is granted for all and any required data, processes, policies, meeting rooms and nominated resources to enable successful delivery of the engagement
• Providing a list of project participants to canvass for the web survey
• Ensuring sponsor availability within the agreed timeline, to resolve any significant issues that may impact the timely completion of the engagement, if not resolved in a timely manner

Our Commitments to You

• Provide support throughout service delivery using our Professionals and Subject Matter Experts.
• Provide high quality deliverables in a timely manner and in line with agreements upon engagement with the client. (Any changes to this will be mutually agreed in writing, in advance, between all involved parties).
• Provide deep insights and genuine value-add in all possible areas throughout the engagement.
• Provide progress updates and feedback at regular intervals, agreed in advance or at the engagement “kick off session”.
• Respect all personal and professional development of client team members throughout the engagement.


  • A web survey of project participants
  • A facilitated workshop on your site for up to 20 attendees, comprising:
    • (Optionally) a short presentation on how organisations learn from projects and why it can go wrong.
    • A signed paperback copy of Ken Burrell’s book ‘Learning lessons from projects’ for each attendee.
    • A presentation playing back the themes raised by the web survey, for discussion in the group.
    • Activities to identify from the experience of delivering the project changes that could usefully be made to future projects.
  • Actions (with names and delivery dates) for future implementation.
  • A web-based actions board containing the agreed actions from the workshop, assigned to the attendees, with periodic prompts for the action owner

Available Service Engagement Models

*This service may be engaged via multiple engagement model options to provide maximum flexibility.

Project Based Engagement

Project based engagements operate on the basis of agreeing work and any outcomes or milestones for delivery in advance of commencement of any engagement in a ‘Statement of Work’. Prices are fixed for the agreed deliverables and should changes be required, these may incur changes to delivery costs. Payment for Project Based Engagements are agreed on a case-by-case basis, giving consideration to risk, contract value, client payment history, relationship longevity and duration.

Network Units

Network Units enable complete flexibility around any engagement. When using Network Units, clients can swap and change delivery experts, scope and duration of engagements in a frictionless manner with very little notice, in line with the quantity of Network Units purchased. Network Units can be purchased in blocks of any size and at any time and are billed in full at point of purchase.

Focus In On: Responsible for Project and Programme Delivery

New Areas of Value:

Higher proportion of projects fit for purpose, on time and on budget

Improved project estimation and delivery capability (right first time)

Increased credibility with and confidence from across the business

Improved customer and colleague service and satisfaction

Greater acceptance of change – quicker to implement new changes

Improvements around:

Lack of clarity or understanding on operational readiness requirements

Relevant Business Perspectives