Service Summary

Remove waste from your delivery efforts, by ensuring that people have robust ways to determine how best to add value, and when to do it.

Typical Benefits

Unlock potential in your teams, by giving shared resources the ability to plan their work, and operate as a service.

Typical areas where value is realised;
-Siloed resources will be able to effectively communicate how demand is affecting their ability to deliver
-Individuals will be able to give more reliable, and quantifiable estimates, and collaborate on timelines for product delivery
-Teams will understand how to absorb transient work, whilst communicating the effect on the big picture
-Your people will not need to “Name that tune” when estimating

Pains typically relieved include;
-Shared resource team members will understand where they do too much work, or the wrong work
-Teams, and individuals, will have access to visual health indicators for their work
-Siloed teams, and the business will have common ways to understand if the right value is being added
-Your people will understand where time is being lost to ineffective communication around product delivery
-Visual information around the health, and maturity of products, as well as their delivery will free up time through improved clarity of purpose


Beginning with opening up the understanding of what teams and individuals do for the organisation, we will work through a programme of understanding what the contributions are, and where to plug them into a healthy and responsive enterprise capability. Typically, the programme will contain these sorts of activity;

-One on one, or small workshops, to gain understanding what people think they do, and what value it adds
-Team workshops to draw out the interventions, and where they are best carried out
-Workshops, and coaching, to improve understanding of what isn’t in scope, and why scope matters
-Provision of visual tools, and also structured forums/meeting (where appropriate) to reduce cost of comms, and give a clearer picture of where the value is coming from

Our Requirements of You

This service will work well for you, especially if;

-You are looking to deliver some kind of service based product, most likely (but not necessarily exclusively) through software
-Your organisation has had some experience of different delivery methodologies/approaches
-You have between three, and thirty delivery teams
-You have shared resource teams, e.g. Architecture, UX, Testing, etc.
-You aren’t looking to implement a versioned methodology, but are open to elements of such things


Typical deliverables include (but are not limited to);

-Team, and individual plans to address value mismatch
-Visual tools to aid communication, and governance
-Operating model(s)

Focus In On: Responsible for Innovation

New Areas of Value:

Enabling positive behavioural change

Fostering a human centric, transparent, trustworthy and agile culture

Improved business agility and ability to rapidly respond to change and opportunity

More satisfied and engaged employees with increased retention and productivity

Improvements around:

Inefficient or misaligned operating model and lack of business agility

Disconnect between culture and future vision

Misaligned goals across business and silos

Unclear or inefficient internal communications

Lack of clarity around the internal business ecosystem