Service Summary

Create decision boards with agreed terms of reference and membership, and reporting that drives decisions

Typical Benefits

This service gives your project or programme an organisational structure with agreed terms of reference, a system of regular reports, and a framework of regular meetings.

Value is typically delivered through:
• Clear visibility of the various delivery and decision-making groups associated with a programme, their purpose and the limits of their authority to act.
• Clear visibility of the escalation route(s) for any risks, issues or change requests arising within the programme, meaning a higher proportion of projects are fit for purpose, on time and on budget
• A framework enabling the project or programme team to raise questions and get answers from stakeholders, improving credibility with and confidence from across the business
• A framework enabling business as usual stakeholders to receive updates on the programme and its projects before making decisions, reducing challenge from the business and increasing business acceptance of change
• A “heartbeat” of programme reporting, setting the expectation that after each reporting interval, a report-worthy amount of progress ought to have been achieved

Thus this service improves transparency of decision-making, and ensures better alignment to the project/programme business case, thereby improving credibility and confidence with stakeholders from across the business and relieving the pain of poor communication of requirements and progress against expectations.


  • We interview you (the programme manager) and review the business case, to ascertain why the programme has been set up, what it is delivering, who will be affected, how they will be affected and when.
  • We review the organisation to ascertain what is an appropriate governance structure to put in place for the amount of resources being committed and the risk involved.
  • We draw up a proposed governance structure and terms of reference for each body, with proposed meeting schedule and agenda, descriptions of the stakeholder roles and an estimate of the time commitment involved.
  • With the programme manager, we identify people from within the organisation to take on the stakeholder roles, and help to explain how they can contribute to the project and what they will get from it.
  • We get each governance body to understand their terms of reference, we make any amendments necessary to obtain stakeholder support, and get each body to agree their terms of reference at their first meeting.
  • We draw up template information packs for each governance body to facilitate information gathering, and template decisions and actions documents for easy communication of actions after the meetings.
  • We monitor how the governance structure is performing, and make any tweaks necessary to ensure that decisions are being made robustly but in such a way as not to hold up delivery.

Timelines depend on priorities, and any other services being delivered concurrently for the same client.

Service Delivery Experts

Ken Burrell

Our Requirements of You

• Ensuring an executive sponsor from your organisation is allocated to the engagement, communicates the rationale behind it and signs off any ‘Terms of Reference’
• Assisting in all possible ways to ensure that a contract, (and confidentiality agreement where necessary) is in place, in advance of any work commencing
• Ensuring all support is in place and access is granted for all and any required data, processes, policies, meeting rooms and nominated resources to enable successful delivery of the engagement
• Ensuring sponsor availability within the agreed timeline, to resolve any significant issues that may impact the timely completion of the engagement, if not resolved in a timely manner

Our Commitments to You

• Provide support throughout service delivery using our Professionals and Subject Matter Experts.
• Provide high quality deliverables in a timely manner and in line with agreements upon engagement with the client. (Any changes to this will be mutually agreed in writing, in advance, between all involved parties).
• Provide deep insights and genuine value-add in all possible areas throughout the engagement.
• Provide progress updates and feedback at regular intervals, agreed in advance or at the engagement “kick off session”.
• Respect all personal and professional development of client team members throughout the engagement.


  • An agreed governance structure, with representation from both the programme / project delivery team and business as usual.
  • Descriptions for each governance body and stakeholder role, with an estimate of the time commitment required and the benefits to the stakeholder of taking on the role.
  • Terms of reference for each body, agreed and signed off by each body.
  • A schedule of governance meetings with attendee names, and electronic invitations, a standing agenda and template meeting information pack for each governance body.

Available Service Engagement Models

*This service may be engaged via multiple engagement model options to provide maximum flexibility.

Network Units

Network Units enable complete flexibility around any engagement. When using Network Units, clients can swap and change delivery experts, scope and duration of engagements in a frictionless manner with very little notice, in line with the quantity of Network Units purchased. Network Units can be purchased in blocks of any size and at any time and are billed in full at point of purchase.

Project Based Engagement

Project based engagements operate on the basis of agreeing work and any outcomes or milestones for delivery in advance of commencement of any engagement in a ‘Statement of Work’. Prices are fixed for the agreed deliverables and should changes be required, these may incur changes to delivery costs. Payment for Project Based Engagements are agreed on a case-by-case basis, giving consideration to risk, contract value, client payment history, relationship longevity and duration.

Subscription Service

A HiveMind Subscription Service enables clients to flexibly engage with HiveMind Expert(s) in line with the subscription purchased. Subscriptions typically run for 12, 24 or 36 months or can also be arranged on a rolling 6 monthly basis. Subscriptions for 6 or 12 months are billed at the commencement of service, with billing for 24 or 36 month contracts taking place on the annual anniversary of subscription commencement.

Focus In On: Responsible for Project and Programme Delivery

New Areas of Value:

Increased credibility with and confidence from across the business

Greater acceptance of change – quicker to implement new changes

Higher proportion of projects fit for purpose, on time and on budget

Improved customer and colleague service and satisfaction

Better support of business directives

Improvements around:

Poor communication of requirements, progress and expectations

Lack of clarity or understanding on operational readiness requirements

Relevant Skills

Relevant Business Perspectives