Service Summary

This service focuses on providing a clear understanding of where AI and ML solutions could be applied in the business, and creating a roadmap for on-boarding the technologies.

Typical Benefits

Typically clients of this service benefit by being able to more effectively:

* Understand their existing business areas and processes
* Describe in clear terms where new digital technologies such as AI/ML could be applied
* Articulate the business benefit of each transformation
* Identify the relevant technologies and service providers who could assist with the transformation
* Identify opportunities where internal capabilities could be used or augmented to build and support the solution


Your service will deliver an independent review of opportunities within your business, detailing where AI and Machine Learning opportunities could be applied. You’ll be provided with an independent, unbiased review across the full AI/ML solutions market, and how those solutions may be adopted internally.

Leadership who engage through the Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Business Audit, do so to address their key challenges by being able to:

  • Find and identify areas of their business that are ready for the application of AI/ML technologies
  • Explain the business benefits of applying the new technologies, and the timeframes for adoptions
  • Provide reassurance to peers, partners and their board that they have taken an unbiased approach to opportunity identification and potential solutions
  • Validate their decisions whilst building a solid business case around the digital transformation

The following stages provide an overview of how your service will be delivered.

  • Initial Meeting – Your service starts with a review of the business with senior stakeholders to understand the business drivers, and how we can best engage to support
  • Proposal – We tailor the work required into a formal engagement proposal, including timescales, scope and cost.
  • Planning – We work with your key staff to agree on a plan for our consultants to visit your sites and perform the audit on your current operations.
  • Site Visits – Our consultants meeting with key staff and subject-matter experts in your business to understand the ‘As-Is’
  • Draft Report – Our consultants prepare a draft report for your feedback, outlining the areas of opportunity, and applicable technology.
  • Formal Delivery – We deliver the final report and deliver a formal presentation outlining our key finds and proposed roadmap

Service Delivery Experts

Steven Algieri

Our Requirements of You

* Ensuring an executive sponsor from your organisation is allocated to the engagement, communicates the rationale behind it and is authorised to sign off our Statement of Work.
* Assisting in all possible ways to ensure that a contract (and confidentiality agreement where necessary) is in place, in advance of any work commencing.
* Ensuring all support is in place and access is granted for all and any required data, processes, policies, meeting rooms and nominated resources to enable successful delivery of the engagement.
* Ensuring sponsor availability within the agreed timeline, to resolve any significant issues that may impact the timely completion of the engagement, if not resolved in a timely manner.

Our Commitments to You

* Provide support throughout service delivery using our World Class Consultants and Subject Matter Experts.
* Provide high-quality deliverables in a timely manner and in line with agreements upon engagement with the client. (Any changes to this will be mutually agreed in writing, in advance, between all involved parties).
* Provide deep insights and genuine value-add in all possible areas throughout the engagement.
* Respect all personnel of the client team throughout the engagement.


Deliveries are typically agreed with the leadership team during the proposal stages and are specific to the organisation.

At a high level, delivery of your service typically includes:

  • High-level organisation structure, including major areas of opportunities (the heat map)
  • Breakdown of key processes within high opportunity areas (proposed AI/ML targets)
  • Deep dive on an agreed number of processes, explaining the AI/ML opportunity and associated solutions that would applicable
  • Roadmap of future engagement across business areas, processes and associated solutions


Available Service Engagement Model

Project Based Engagement

Project based engagements operate on the basis of agreeing work and any outcomes or milestones for delivery in advance of commencement of any engagement in a ‘Statement of Work’. Prices are fixed for the agreed deliverables and should changes be required, these may incur changes to delivery costs. Payment for Project Based Engagements are agreed on a case-by-case basis, giving consideration to risk, contract value, client payment history, relationship longevity and duration.

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