Service Summary

A workshop that uses scenario planning that encourages and empowers managers and leaders to adopt agile thinking.

Typical Benefits

94%. The number of executives who report that “agility and collaboration” were key skills at the heart of innovation, according to Deloitte’s 2017 Human Capital Trends report.

6%. The number of executives who reported they were “highly agile today.”

Scenario planning proves time and again the most valuable tool for helping individuals embrace uncertainty, challenge assumptions, and better navigate an uncertain future.

Other areas of typical value realisation include:

– Fostering a human-centric, transparent, trustworthy, and agile culture

– Enabling positive behavioural change

– Enabling competitive differentiation and increasing market share

Pains typically relieved include:

– Relieving the stress related to working under uncertainty


Half-day and full-day Agile Thinking Workshops engage managers and senior leaders in an exploration of how their thinking models constrain creativity. Attendees apply scenario-based futures to real work so they can see in a very visceral way why what they think is certain erupts into volatility under different social, economic, political, and technological circumstances.

After this workshop, attendees should be better positioned to:

  • Remain positive and continue to create business value even under uncertainty
  • Work with their teams to leverage uncertainty as an innovation opportunity rather than a threat
  • Better manager and accept ambiguity around vision, goals, strategy, and roadmaps

All Agile Thinking workshops require pre-event interviews and targeted projects that can be used as meaningful examples to attendees during the workshop.

The workshop and interviews can be conducted virtually through the technology of the client’s choice.

Service Delivery Experts

Daniel W. Rasmus

Our Requirements of You

The client is responsible for managing workshop registration and providing the delivery platform or facility.

Our Commitments to You

Provide a world-class virtual or in-person workshop experience.

Challenge assumptions and unleash creativity among participants.


A scenario planning workshop for managers and leaders.

Focus In On: Responsible for Innovation

New Areas of Value:

Fostering a human centric, transparent, trustworthy and agile culture

Enabling positive behavioural change

Enabling competitive differentiation and increasing market share

Improvements around:

Unclear business strategy and requirements

Relevant Skills

Relevant Business Perspectives