Post a Job / Opportunity – I Manage Everything (Net-Rate)

When you manage all aspects of a posted requirement within the HiverMind Nertwork, as you take on some of the effort ‘overhead’ and the risk, we are are able to add a lower operational overhead. We call this type of self-managed engagement ‘NET-RATE’.

Jobs and opportunities you post as Net-Rate should only ever relate to work you are personally involved. Please do not post jobs here that you’ve seen via a 3rd party or on behalf of someone else.

Engaging HiveMind through this model, you confirm that your organisation is ‘the client’ and that you or your organisation will lead the relationship with any HiveMind Delivery Experts.

When providing a ‘Day rate’ or ‘Project budget’, please enter the amount you have available to pay for the work. Our platform, (TheHive) will add a 10% margin which will be automatically added when interested parties view your requirement.

Should you engage in discussion with a HiveMind Delivery Expert about rates another way, (say by phone or email), please bear in mind that the 10% must be included by you. The Delivery Expert will expect to receive the amount you discuss and the 10% HiveMind operational costs for this service will be paid by your, (as the client).

If you calculate rates manually, they can easily be calculated as follows; (RATE YOU PAY) X 0.9

You can submit a ‘Net-Rate’ Job or Opportunity for self-management here.