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- Your Voice, Your HiveMind!

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You’re at the Core of Our Evolution!

HiveMind is not just growing; it’s evolving with you and for you. As we embrace 2024, we’re looking to shape a community where each voice, especially yours, shapes the future. With some amazing growth through 2023 we’re heavily investing in member services and member experience, and we’d love you to tell us what we should be focusing on!

  • Be the Change: Your preferences aren’t just options in a list; they will form part of our planning blueprints.
  • Impact in a Minute: In just a minute or two, you can ignite the changes you want. Our streamlined, drag-and-drop feedback process below is the start of your tailoring HiveMind to your needs.
  • Your Network, Your Way: Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all. We’re crafting a HiveMind experience that’s as unique as you are – driven by what you value the most in your professional journey.

How It Works: Quick. Personalized. Transformative.

  1. Drag & Drop: Identify below what matters most to you, in which order. Then just drag and drop each area in order of your priority to drive our priorities.
  2. Craft Your HiveMind: Every choice you make helps us weave a network that’s in sync with your career goals and professional interests.
  3. One Click to Your Ideal Network: Submit your preferences and watch HiveMind evolve into a network that not only understands, but also anticipates your needs.

🌟 Are you ready to co-create the future of HiveMind? Let your preferences speak now! 🌟

Drag & Drop Your Preferences and click ‘Save’ at the bottom to lock them in. If you’re unsure how, watch the 55 second video guide below.

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