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Designer & Learning consultant
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Learning Designer and Consultant (e-learning, blended learning, instructional designer)
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L&D consultant. Specialises in curriculum design and using technology smartly to create impactful blended learning. 15 years of blue chip experience since being Training Manager at Deloitte. Learning Technology Awards judge.
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Self-employed consultant with a strong network of trainers, graphic designers and developers.

Wolters Kluwer is a market-leading global information services company. In the UK its CCH brand is well known amongst accountants.

CCH e-CPD is an e-learning subscription service that enables tax and accounting professionals to complete their continuing professional development at their own convenience. Subscribers receive over 100 modules per year covering technical updates in tax, accounting, audit and other related legal matters. Each e-CPD module consists of a 15-20 minute audio presentation by an expert speaker with accompanying background notes.

Project objectives
To ensure that e-CPD differentiates itself from other sources of technical information on the internet by being more relevant, practical, authoritative and memorable.
To meet a demanding monthly publishing schedule.

Some of the main challenges faced by CCH were:
Converting highly dry technical content into an easy to absorb format.
Maintaining a consistently high quality product across a diverse pool of speakers.
Speakers were typically experienced at face to face training delivery but not online learning which demands higher levels of comprehensibility.
Satisfying an audience which demands technical accuracy whilst maintaining a rapid production process.

Viv provided coaching, feedback and training to help technical experts convert their expert knowledge into learning relevant to subscribers.
Viv briefed and coached speakers on how to use a templated format which enhanced consistency.
Viv coached speakers to hone their messages and bring their personalities into the modules.
As well as his input as a Chartered Accountant, Viv implemented a process using other qualified accountants to quality assure accuracy and comprehensibility.

Subscriber feedback has been positive about the format of these short but very technical modules and how they are delivered, giving subscribers a very flexible way of keeping abreast of the technical changes required. High customer satisfaction has seen the product go from strength to strength, subscriptions have grown year on year with high levels of renewal. The renewal rate has risen from the low 60s% to around 80% renewal. Viv has met all of his deadlines for over 1000 e-CPD modules.

"Working with Viv these past seven years has been a pleasure he has really delivered for us in all aspects of his role. His input has been one of the key drivers of the product’s success. He is very flexible, delivers to tight deadlines, and brings a wealth of knowledge around instructional design, bringing dry technical content to life. He has worked directly with our pool of speakers, directing them, providing feedback and supporting them to deliver a quality product.

Viv also worked closely with the management of the CCH e-CPD product, providing advice and assistance on how to develop the product and being a mentor on all things e-learning. He has made a big impact driving through improvements in quality, acting as the quality assurance gateway. He has enhanced the look and feel of the product and has always gone that extra mile to ensure the product is delivered on time.

Viv comes highly recommended."

Andrew Lawson, Operations Manager – Wolters Kluwer


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U4 is a provider of high-quality research, information, and learning opportunities to help development practitioners more effectively support anti-corruption efforts in the developing world.
Existing training courses were either via distance learning supplemented with virtual classroom sessions and video clips, or in-country face to face workshops. U4’s vision for blended learning aims to increase the organisation’s reach and impact by offering its customers a wider range of learning.

Project objectives
To increase the capability of face to face trainers to utilise a wider range of online learning strategies as part of a more effective and interactive blend of learning. To be able to start creating ‘bricks’ on online learning deployable as parts of different learning pathways.

Some of the main challenges faced by U4 were:
Building consensus and momentum to develop blended learning solutions amongst face to face trainers who were most comfortable with traditional/ academic approaches to learning.
This was U4’s first e-learning project so it was essential to be well prepared and select the correct e-learning supplier.
Building in-house knowledge and experience so that U4 would be able to manage e-learning suppliers more effectively.

Skype sessions with key stakeholders ahead of a face to face workshop. The workshop had a strong preparation phase, was highly practical, was full of recommendations that reduced individuals’ research time and gave a clear road map to follow.
Viv helped develop the requirements document, including selection criteria and recommended a short list of suppliers to approach which U4 supplemented from its own contacts.
Viv was available to review key project documents and deliverables as they progressed and provide advice as requested.

Workshop participants felt energised and more confident about blended learning. U4 has successfully commissioned its first e-learning module. This has received highly positive feedback from the government agencies which fund U4.

"My team and I have collaborated closely with Viv throughout our online training overhaul process. The response time was incredibly swift and the advice received was spot on. Now we’re undergoing a complete revamping of the online course portfolio, the foundations of which have been placed with the crucial assistance from Viv."

Boris Divjak, Director


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Tempdent provides accredited courses for dental nurses. Its most popular NVQ is the Advanced Apprenticeship Diploma in Dental Nursing (AADN), a blended learning programme including webinars, face to face workshops and self-paced e-learning.

Project objectives
For years Tempdent had provided the online version of AADN in partnership with a technology company. The partner pulled out of the agreement at short notice. Tempdent needed online learning fast! The next cohort of learners was already booked in for a course starting in weeks. This was also an opportunity to update, refresh and streamline the user experience.

Some of the main challenges faced by Tempdent were:
Course subject matter experts were new to designing online learning.
It was the first time that Tempdent had implemented a platform with social learning capability.
Deadline pressure.

Viv Cole Associates provided templates and design review so that the course subject matter experts could produce effective scripts.
VCA provided practical support so that Tempdent always had a third opinion when needed to help get the best out of using the new platform.
VCA sourced recommended and trusted developer resource and ensured that there was effective but cost efficient project management.

Viv’s team produced over 28 hours of e-learning content in Storyline in a 9 month period, meeting all the needs of the AADN syllabus in a highly cost effective manner. The first cohort of learners achieved success rates over 20% higher and timely achievement rates over 30% higher than national averages.

"Viv and his team were always highly responsive, approachable and hands on. They managed the creation and development of our fantastic and innovative new dental qualifications programme. I would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone wanting to build or develop their e-learning materials. Thank you!"
Lorraine Nadel, Managing Director


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Saberr is a dynamic start-up which uses psychological profiling and predictive analytics to help companies design and manage high performance teams.

As part of its growth strategy the Saberr team wished to design a coherent series of activities and resources to help teams work more effectively, a Digital Coaching Toolkit. This should be usable with or without external expert coaches depending on the level of input needed.

Project objectives

Viv was engaged to help Saberr define the learning blend for the Digital Coaching Toolkit and advise how this blend would be commercially sound. This took the format of initial discussions, a one day workshop and follow-up activities.

Some of the main challenges faced by Saberr were:
Building consensus over the format and elements of the learner journey for the minimum viable product (and beyond).
Whether to develop their own platform for hosting the content and social elements of the blend, or whether to buy this in.
Identifying how to target learner populations with the greatest potential uptake.

Viv led the team in workshopping out the learner journey, its key elements and the methods of delivering learning within a coherent blend. He sketched out a template design that could be used for each teamworking sub-topic
Viv helped the team specify platform requirements, including SCORM/xAPI and social learning. From his extensive network, Viv recommended three suppliers to short-list for demos.
Viv used his experience of corporate learning, supplemented by recent market research to clarify the characteristics of the target learners and what would be realistic to ask them to commit to.

"Viv’s insights have really helped us consolidate our thinking, gain consensus and prevent us from going down blind alleys. His rapid understanding of our business and his questioning and listening helped us navigate some difficult decisions whilst maintaining a strong sense of the team buy-in. Viv was very generous with his insight and responsive to our culture. We look staying connected as the story evolves."

Tom Marsden, CEO

Viv Cole

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