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Systems Thinking and Process Management Consultant
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I specialise in consultancy for organisations facing complex and messy situations or problems
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United Kingdom
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My Background Details
I have an extensive track record in understanding how organisations function and applying appropriate improvement approaches that deliver results, combined with experience in systems thinking, and an extensive background in process re-engineering, measurement, quality and transformation. This experience has been gained in a variety of environments; UK-focused and globally, involving significant changes to how people work.
I am trained and experienced in applying Consulting, Process Engineering, Systems Thinking, Management Cybernetics, Lean-Sigma, and Knowledge Management approaches. This is combined with practical application of technology and strategy, proficiency with analytical tools and operations design/modelling.
Current Role Details
I am currently studying for a Postgraduate Certificate in Systems Thinking with the OU.
My previous role from Apr’13 to Oct’18 was as Service Improvement & Process Architect at BT Global Services. I led on ITIL Service Management processes, including design and architecture, stakeholder engagement and RACI modelling, as well as user requirements for application developments. I led the Service Introduction team; working with Product and Project Managers and Designers, to develop, test and launch new services; assuring processes, operating model and measurements.
I provided facilitation and project support for operating model design, supply chain re-engineering, and cybernetic modelling.

I was asked to intervene in a very long-standing supply chain problem, with a key equipment supplier to a business unit, where there were organisational, process and IT-related issues. There had been several attempts to resolve these using standard approaches such as process management or 6-sigma, but none had succeeded.

I was asked first to investigate the situation, and to recommend possible options for resolution of the difficulties, including defining benefits of short through to long-term improvements.

I investigated the situation and identified key issues with supply chain processes, Electronic Data Interchange systems, working collaboratively with operational teams and the equipment sourcing and staging suppliers. I created a systemic change programme, and model of the situation and relevant organisational systems, as well as recommending appropriate changes. Finally I worked with operational managers and technical delivery leads, as well as the supplier, in a programme management role, to help co-ordinate the delivery of business process, IT and operating model changes, as well as benefits realisation and business case scrutiny.

We made operational and process changes quickly, although IT improvements, involving multiple parties, took longer (too long in my view). The improvements recommended were rolled out into a pilot product area, and then extended into additional countries and portfolio areas, eventually becoming part of the strategic solution for supply chain integration with core delivery applications and processes.
BT GLOBAL SERVICES - Service Improvement & Process Architect

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Delivery and Achievements
• Design, architecture and implementation of ITIL Service Request and Change Management processes, including in-depth process design and architecture, creating an innovative review method for stakeholder consultation and RACI modelling, as well as creation of demand and user requirements for application developments.
BT GLOBAL SERVICES - Product & Service Introduction Lead

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Delivery and Achievements
Service Introduction team lead; working with Product and Project Managers and Designers, to develop, test and launch new services, including assuring process, operational model and measurement designs.
BT GLOBAL SERVICES - Head of Transformational Improvement

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Delivery and Achievements
Leading the global Cycle Time programme, reducing delivery lead times, including management cybernetics analysis in support of Quote to Order improvement. This involved creating a Benefits Management Framework, to assess and track improvement impacts on customer-facing processes, to quantify benefits for Investment Proposals.

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Delivery and Achievements
Presenting a weekly jazz music show, including themed programming, and audience feedback - built a loyal following and succeeded in exposing new listeners to jazz.

Tony Korycki

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