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Manchester, United Kingdom


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Tuesday February 04, 2020

About Swati

I am a Business Analysis Consultant with specilisation in the area of Business Process Management, Data Analysis, Operational Automation/AI and Agile. I am passionate about helping orgnisations solve their problems and save time/money through execution of IT/business process improvements.

Current Role Details

Volunteering my time for a community based product start-up as a pioneer, using business analysis skills and exploring potential conversational AI opportunities

Swati's Valuable Contributions

(Case Studies)


Run-The-Bank division was struggling to satisfy automation requirements of their infrastructure and unable to meet Availability & other SLAs

Head of Business Transformation needed to deploy IPSOFT IPCenter (Autonomic IT management platform/Virtual Engineers) as the go-to automation platform for Run-The-Bank division and meet target of 10k hours of savings in the first year

By working with Heads of various Business Lines, I understood their requirements. Agreed & prioritised new ideas & opportunities with them and defined a feasible roadmap. To ensure we have right candidates for automation requests, I set-up Requirements management process covering evaluation criteria, cost-benefit analysis, requirements definition, prioritisation matrix, engineering and release. Also, set-up Agile Scrum practices for the engineering team who did not have prior experience in Scrum e.g. created separate product and sprint backlog, set-up regular inspection & adaptation events.  To meet our targets, we expanded automation efforts beyond core team and set-up a Support model (an effort towards Centre for Excellence) so that individual teams could develop their own automations in line with development standards.

With Requirements management process and Scrum practices in place, things gained momentum. Through frequent communication with stakeholders, I brought clarity in business strategy and requirements. We improved internal communication within the cross-functional team structure resulting in collaboration between  team members instead of them working in silos and number of requests delivered per sprint increased from none/1 to 12, with more reusable components created at every stage. By regularly measuring the value delivered, we executed improvement actions.

With Support Model in place, we were close to our target by year end (7k hours of savings) with concrete plans to meet target of 10k in next quarter.

Value delivered included:

  • Improved throughput of automation requests thereby helping availability SLA

  • Improved customer and end user satisfaction

  • Increased confidence in team by customers and Head of Business Transformation

Pain relieved:

  • Individual goals in cross-functional team instead of coherent team goal

  • Lack of collaboration

  • Lack of alignment with stakeholders


Roles & Results

BOOKINGGO - Business Analyst

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Requirements / Actions
Conducted AS-IS and TO-BE Business Process Modelling to understand gaps in requirements of SAP integration project and addressed them in Product Backlog
Delivery and Achievements
Saved time and money by addressing missed requirements and reduced risk of project delay

BARCLAYS UK - Lead Product Owner

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Requirements / Actions
Owned Product backlog, set-up Requirements Management process, Scrum practices and Center of Excellence for Automation to increase number of successful automations for Run-The-Bank infrastructure
Delivery and Achievements
Achived annual target of automation savings (10k hours)

DANFOSS DENMARK - Lead Business Analyst

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Requirements / Actions
Improve HVAC segment's customer experience: conducted AS-IS and TO-BE Business Process Modelling for process improvements, facilitated requirements & prioritization workshops for funding decisions
Delivery and Achievements
Increased client confidence on plan to achieve TO-BE version of processes. Prioritization techniques of Foundational/Features users expect/Value add helped with funding decisions

THOMSON REUTERS UK - Business Analyst

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Requirements / Actions
Business Case analysis to confirm viability of project. Defined busines needs for multiple products, departments & countries to deliver new authentication system with seamless experience
Delivery and Achievements
Transferred 200k+ users (laywers, HRs) through a flexible user journey. Only integration project to deliver on-time with high quality. Great customer experience feedback.

HERTZ UK - Business Analyst

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Requirements / Actions
Integration of Dollar/Thrifty group into Hertz platform and creation of white label site for EU Corporate markets as a tactical solution
Delivery and Achievements
Delivered new online platform for DTG & Hertz cobranded car rental service in 200+ locations thus increasing reservations & elimination of third party comissions


Industry Experience

  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
  • Retail and Consumer
  • Technology
  • Transport and Logistics

Regional Experience

  • Asia
  • North America
  • Europe


Swati Shirsat

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