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Susanne Lundkvist

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Experienced Programme and Product Manager with an Agile Practitioner Certification.


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London, United Kingdom


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Wednesday February 06, 2019


Susanne is an experienced and driven Programme and Product Manager passionate about change and has successfully delivered operational and commercial programmes including significant technology components in multi-cultural, international environments.

Strong stakeholder management skills, be it at C-level or interacting on the ‘shop floor’.
15+ years of experience building high performing teams whilst forming good working relationships with clients and third-party suppliers to enable positive sustainable change. Familiar with the dominating methodologies for project, programme and change management as well as software development and applies a pragmatic, involving and agile approach to change.
Experience includes SAP ERP, CRM, eCommerce, bespoke manufacturing and supply tools, IoT and mobile applications.
Industry experience includes Healthcare, Digital Consultancy, Manufacturing, Logistics and Retail.
PRINCE2, Agile Practitioner, Change First, Salesforce, Full Stack Web Developer.

Current role details

Manager of integration consultants team, implementing data-driven decision-making and optimising revenue from integration-related products and services.

Product and Programme Manager Consultant with 7 years of Agile experience and Agile Practitioner Certification.

Susanne's STAR Stories

Healthcare Takeover Success Against The Clock (Reveal More OR View Full Page)

The Healthcare country manager had won an outsourcing contract providing medical devices to patients in a major council and needed help incorporating this patient service into their business in just three months to meet the contractual timeline.


My assignment was to lead the implementation ensuring existing and adapted IT systems were able to manage patient and device data with full traceability of both. The systems should also support a new business model and fulfil the required data security and healthcare regulations.


I formed a project team with staff from the outsourced unit and the Healthcare business, which had won the contract, in total eight team members. After some initial change workshops, we had established project objectives and developed a high-level timeline, identified any major risks and key stakeholders.

The main challenge in this project was the timeline. To deliver major enhancements of two different systems to the level where the takeover could take place with other projects competing for resources within a couple of months was going to be very difficult. Whilst there was a traceability system in place for individual assets, it had to be adapted to suit these healthcare products.

I liaised with the appropriate domain owners for the ERP system and the owner of a system that had been suggested to manage the patient data, as they had to be kept separate.
We quickly identified the enhancements needed for the patient data system and documented the requirements. After some in-depth analysis, we had also identified how the ERP system could support this different rental business model and product traceability, and we decided on a two-step approach whereof the first step had to be finished for go-live within a couple of months time. The second step could be implemented at a later stage.

I continuously reported progress to the Country Manager, who sometimes took part in our project meetings and I ensured the support from the manager as well as other key stakeholders in the organisation to go ahead and develop the systems with high priority.

System development and testing was successful and we migrated all the needed data from the council systems. I organised training for the staff so that they felt confident in managing the new screens and scanning equipment and had a good understanding of the new system for traceability of individual medical devices.


The go-live date within three months was achieved with no disruption to patient services and within the original budget. We did not experience any major problems with either system or training issues amongst staff.

I carried on working to implement the second stage, which included the additional enhancements and I led some business analysis and process/systems improvement work to achieve increased efficiency and easy-to-use solutions.

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