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Co-Founder & Managing Partner
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Seasoned global Solutions and Services leader and champion of ambidextrous organisational change - incremental and induced.
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United Kingdom
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Stuart has 35 years’ experience in engineering and programme/change management. He has built and led highly skilled/multi-cultural teams ranging from small-cell teams up to 2,000+ global teams across the world (USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Israel, India, South Korea, China and Australia).

A 20+ year veteran in the digital Broadcast Technology, Media & Security industry, Stuart has led global programmes and business initiatives working at the VP/CXO level and successfully delivered complex technology, business transformation and turn-around programmes in that time.

Key to scaling the programs and associated teams, Stuart has driven governance within the business in terms of adopting common codes of practice (processes and methodologies) across globally distributed functions.

Drawing on his industry knowledge, big-picture thinking, strong system-level expertise and people leadership skills, Stuart thrives on “getting the job done”.

Prior to this, he spent 13 years working in the UK Defence industry on various avionic, fire control and sub-surface autonomous weapons programmes, specialising in Radar and Electronic Countermeasures (ECM and ECCM).

Stuart has an MSc. in Communications Systems Engineering from the University of Portsmouth and has studied Executive Education at Stanford University.
Current Role Details
After a successful and rewarding career working for large multinational companies (Cisco International and NDS), Stuart, along with his Co-Founder, formed Ternion Services in 2017 with the aim of advising their clients in the area of program governance and execution, systems integration management and organisational accessment (aligning vison, strategy and organisational structure).

We have clients in the US and Europe who have engaged us to advise on and execute programs of work in the USA, UK, France, Dubai and Australia.

Would be great to add value to HiveMind members and looking forward to working with you.

Our client is a US based company that has developed and deployed their AI autonomous operations platform that enables Service Providers and Telco’s to progressively transform their businesses to fully autonomous, closed-loop operations.

Their platform is deployed at several top-tier CSPs in the US/APAC, automating network, video, telephony, wireless, and enterprise services today with further growth opportunities identified in the EMEA theatre.

Due to significant growth in customer engagements, Ternion has been engaged to develop an extensive customer and partner training framework encompassing all aspects of Architecture, Design, Implementation and Operations to best utilise our clients platform.

Ternion is working to create a framework to:

* Formalise training matrix for each discipline
* Define the skill levels Foundation, Associate, Professional, Enterprise and Operations
* Expand in specialised areas as training evolves based on customer utilisation
* Create required written Collateral, Class based Learning, Practical Use Cases and examples
* Create formal exam and certification processes for all levels

Ternion will also be engaged to provide global training expertise.

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Our client provides an end-to-end solutions in the fraud digital identity intelligence and trust decisioning space within the Finance and e-Commerce markets.

Their business was growing at pace but were facing challenges in pre-sales scope control and program management and were looking to outsource these functions to their partner network.

Our client needed to regain control of a pre-sales engagement with a Tier 1 customer and subsequently deploy their solution with an agreed scope in terms of fraud prevention use cases.

Ternion provided the program management and governance expertise to drive a complex set of deliverables for a prestigious Middle East based Airline’s e-Commerce platform against very demanding time constraints.

Ternion is looking to provide further program management and governance expertise on our clients behalf - initially with further e-Commerce engagements in EMEA with a view to expanding this to incorporate Financial Services engagement’s.


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Established PayTV vendor with over a decade of deploying middleware product solutions.

Facing a more competitive market (in-house development, introduction of Android TV, erosion of product royalties) with the introduction and customer environments requiring much shorter product development cycle times, our client felt that it needed to review it’s R&D and Delivery operations.

Ternion was engaged to assess their R&D team and to look at structure and ways to make it more effective and efficient.

During the initial Discovery phase of our assignment we observed that whilst R&D and Delivery could be more impactful, having a clear company vision and strategy that would drive a market engagement model was needed.

Advised & mentored the client Exec Team in terms of:

* Creating a vision & strategy that supported legacy products/customer needs and articulated it’s future transformation to a solutions and services led organisation
* Investment in people, solutions & services
* Driving the cross-company organisational changes required to execute the new vision and strategy
* Executing the required changes in 8 weeks

Client launched their new branding and customer messaging, evolving their company culture, driven by their new vision and strategy in terms of work, values & behaviours, organization & structure and investment in their people and skills


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Our client is a company with a unique, next generation model based autonomous operations framework emerging from a period of stealth development to start deploying their product into key strategic customers.

The company had a lack of deployment and project management experience required to work with large customers and required external support to ensure that an initial Proof of Concept (POC) was deployed and evangelised successfully.

Ternion was engaged to act as an on-site extension of our client’s team with the objective of project managing the successful deployment of the POC into the end environment and performing an executive demonstration of the products capabilities.

Ternion supplied project management recourses who were able to pick up the technology details from the client and then represented the client on-site. During a 5 week On-Site period the Ternion PM managed both the end customer and client teams in:

* Defining the POC end-environment requirements
* Deployment of the Autonomous Operations framework into the POC environment
* Definition and management the POC use case modelling within the framework
* End-User stakeholder management and evangelism of the new technology
* Set-up and presentation of POC demo to end-customer executives

The POC was delivered on-time and based on the demonstration our clients product was subsequently commissioned and deployed in a major telecommunications operator.


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Our client has a model based autonomous operations framework deployed in a major telecommunications operator.

To maximise the benefit of the framework to this organisation a complete autonomous operational service workflow and governance framework was required to manage a consistent and reliable ‘Design Factory’ for generating enterprise wide product services.

Ternion was engaged to help define with our client and their partner the Service Design factory workflow, governance and the transformation strategy to implement this new paradigm of working as a proposal to our clients end-customer.

Working with our client and their partner Ternion provided consultation and specialised resources to drive the definition of the Design Factory workflow and governance and transformation strategy. Specifically outlining:

* Challenges and benefits of the transformation
* Stakeholder buy-in strategy evangelising the benefits, policy and control to minimise resistance to change
* Key goals/KPI’s of the Design Factory workflow
* A structured, yet agile workflow that can be applied across multiple divisions within the end-customer
* Roles and responsibilities throughout the service definition, implementation and deployment phases of the factory.

The end-customer accepted the proposal which resulted in a multi-million dollar program of work. Ternion was engaged to help set-up the factory on-site at the end-customer and the program continues to grow.

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