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I help to create environments in which talented engineers can thrive.


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Steve Williams is a highly experienced engineering professional who has been involved in managing software development teams and building cultures in which they thrive for more than 20 years.
Steve’s belief in agile thinking and passion for lean cultures began with exposure to Extreme Programming in the late ‘90s. Before founding Expanding Box Consultants, Steve worked in several multi-national businesses managing software development teams, helping build agile capability at scale and coaching within international programmes. Passionate about the environments in which great software is developed, Steve specialises in helping organisations adopt new techniques and tools. He firmly believes in encouraging curiosity, ownership and leadership at all levels.
Steve also has 20 years of maritime Search & Rescue experience, volunteering as an RNLI lifeboat crew in his home town, and finds there is a surprising commonality across team dynamics in both an office or out at sea.

Current role details

Recent roles have seen me demonstrating the following skills:

Introducing leadership teams to agile concepts
Coaching leadership teams to improve collaboration, innovation, flow
Helping teams visualise their work
Coaching executives ad leaders through leadership styles, managing complexity and encouraging decision making at all levels

Steve's STAR Stories

Graduate Scheme design and implementation (Reveal More OR View Full Page)

Recurring budget secured for employing graduate engineers, opportunity identified to develop this into an aligned graduate scheme to benefit both the individuals and the business


One of the goals of the scheme was to cover all sites in the UK, so co-owners identified on major sites. The three co-owners were tasked with designing and implementing the scheme including recruitment, training, ongoing pastoral responsibilities


Two year graduate scheme was designed, with training covering technology, tools and soft skills.
Mechanisms to enable multiple placements over the two year period agreed with senior management.
Built lasting relationships with targeted Russel Group universities, career fairs attended, ‘visiting professor’ presentations delivered to engineering students
Recruitment days designed to comply with current business practice and incorporate latest recruitment strategies and thinking


The graduate scheme ran successfully for around 5 years.
During this time our presence at careers fairs produced many (100s) of applications and excellent feedback from universities
Several recruitment days held each year resulted in excellent candidates being offered roles, around
Lagging indicators suggest these candidates are high-performing, with good retention figures, excellent engagement and better than average progression being typical

Roles & Results

Utilita - Agile Trainer (Show / Hide Details)

Requirements / Actions
One day 'Agile 101' workshops to explain methods, culture, language etc.
Delivery and Achievements
Developed and delivered 'agnostic' material. Lead discussion around implications, transformation required etc.

Cisco - Guerrilla change agent (Show / Hide Details)

Requirements / Actions
Introducing agile principles to my engineering teams through stealth and guile
Delivery and Achievements
Team members perform well. Teams perform well. Consistently high scores in all internal feedback surveys

Cisco - Agile Coach (Show / Hide Details)

Requirements / Actions
Continuous improvement of international engineering teams
Delivery and Achievements
Part of a small global team of coaches, experimenting, evolving and embedding new ways of working across multiple countries cultures and technologies

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