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Engagement – There Is No Such Thing As Bad Press

June 3, 2016

One of the things we talk about in Custerian is to avoid starting a story, process or journey – anything in fact – part way though. That’s why we are keen to understand the context of any project. In short why we have been engaged.

InsipireMCR A Tip In The Right Direction

November 28, 2015

Of course its hard work, especially if you don’t know which way you are going Both Nicola Collister and myself were invited to a recent InspireMCR event hosted by Lawrence Jones of UKFast. I am quite an avid consumer of things. Never stop learning. Keep being curious. Keep moving. These and other such phrases are […]

Smart Contact Solutions – The Future

August 14, 2015

I thought I’d do a short blog today on something that has it’s roots in the fundamental drivers of Service Change in the UK, and globally. Namely how critical it is now to build Brand Empathy with Customers through your Colleagues. In my view the only time you don’t need to do this (although even in these rare cases, your colleagues won’t thank you for it, as you’ll just be making life so much less enjoyable for them) is if you exist in a monopoly market.

Something You Can Work With

March 3, 2015

I am always grateful for the opportunity to share ideas & thoughts.

Not in any great big way. More in that as we share what we observe, the more likely it is that we will say something someone can use to make a difference. And we all want to make a difference – Right?

2+2 = 5 Bad Maths or The Way Forward?

February 2, 2015

Why Customer Experience Has The Power To Affect Change. I thought this was worth bringing back out as we do tend to live in a volume related world and there is a big temptation to keep churning ‘stuff’ out. But every so often it feels good to go back and kick the coals over and share.

Which Comes First – Activity or Change?

January 13, 2015

So we like principles like Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point because it resonates with us. The feeling that nothing worth having comes easily, and even the most gifted have to work hard (10 years) to get a top quartile result. It just makes sense….. does it not? Now that leads to a thought which I have been having a ponder on, which is – what sits at the heart of people who excel Vs those that don’t – besides 10 years of effort, and I think it is to do with Volume & Risk.

People Powered Change

January 7, 2015

Now those who read this blog will know a recurring theme is the need to dress old ideas up as new ones, with the skill being in spotting which one of these ideas ‘time’ – usually based on something that started out in Kotler On Marketing – has come round again. For the winners in 2015, I think the new idea will be leveraging the greatest untapped resource most companies have. Their own Colleagues…

One Constant… Lots Of Variety

January 5, 2015

So we are a year old. What have we learned? We set up Custerian because we want to help business’s be more successful. Perhaps its an age thing, but you do get to a point in life where you appreciate phrases like ‘Giving Back’ or ‘Paying Forward’ more, so this altruistic outlook, making other’s successful, makes sense.

Customer Experience – The New Battlefield

November 7, 2014

New Gartner Report Supports What We Hear In Our Network. If you have not seen it yet, do have a look at the Jake Sorofman’s blog. One of our thoughts is that true Customer Experience is the natural Convergence of Customer Service & Marketing best practise.

Should you always employ your employees?

November 5, 2014

So I have been having a think today about why some companies seek, almost constantly, help and advice on how to create change, whilst others just get on with it. And I think asking yourself if you want to employ all your employees might be part of the answer. Because it points to, as a business, having a constrictive or expansive core to your DNA

What’s Your Proposition?

June 17, 2014

If You Don’t Have A Proposition, You Can’t Do Big Things What’s your proposition? A simple question, and often one that is met with a blank stare, or a (repeated without much conviction) statement of a few words from the Marketing owned Brand Guidelines – by way of digression, my favourite of all time (and quite …..

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