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Harnessing the Hidden Talent of Employees

October 16, 2018

There is common trend prevalent amongst organization across the globe from past couple of years concerning employees leaving away their cushy corporate jobs for seeking a taste of start-up life. Some of the key reasons behind employees such a bold step is: Live up the passion Stressful job Robotic routine life Lack of clarity/growth at […]

Hyper-Personalization — Next Generation Customer Experience Redefined?

October 8, 2018

We are living in a world where every other organization on the planet is striving hard to sell their products / services to potential customers by wrapping them under the glossy & glittery packaging of digital transformation. Though, it might make their lives easier to achieve those conventional sales targets at the end of financial […]

Digital Transformation: Decoding Transition from B2B to H2H Experience

October 8, 2018

Digital Transformation has become one of the hottest ‘buzz words’ of today’s times. And why not, when we discover even baby products manufacturers and renowned accounting firms are heavily betting on this term. The increasing internet and mobile penetration has led to a digital disruption & none of the industries had remained untouched with this […]

Collaborative Mentoring: Decoding Digital Transformation Secret of Business Sustainability

September 24, 2018

Digital Transformation has been the most concerning agenda for every organization boardroom today & to combat this high tide, a new wave of Mentors is trending these days, where every other person is projecting itself to be a self-proclaimed mentor capable of enabling businesses & professionals achieve overnight success. Despite of lack of credentials to […]

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