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Progress not perfection

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I help companies get maximum value through strategic and transformative programmes


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Cheltenham, United Kingdom

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Wednesday June 26, 2019

About Scott

I'm a seasoned transformation professional who has been involved in lots of international growth and operational efficiency initiatives. I've delivered global change programmes and helped devise and deliver strategic transformation across a number of businesses.

I take a strategic but pragamatic approach to major change, always working closely with stakeholders to understand the impact on people, process and technology on making sure change is successful

I have a history of working across multiple sectors from finance to transportation but have really deep experience in the retail industry.

Current Role Details

Programme Director for a PE funded European company working on a complex M&A programme

Scott's Valuable Contributions

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As part of their growth strategy, moving from a predominantly UK retailer to a global brand, Superdry had plans to double in size over a 5 year period from 2014, but did not have the ways of working, processes or infrastructure to support that growth.

Projects had also typically been run within individual departments, frequently implementing capability that improved departmental problems but had an adverse knock-on effect to other areas. There were no project standards, limited use of business cases to justify projects, and no controls around project performance or the benefits that they delivered.

To facilitate the type of global growth that was planned, the Chief Operating Officer needed to build the capability to become more proficient at running large-scale, strategic transformation portfolios, and delivering them in a business that was growing and changing rapidly.

As Head of Business Transformation, my task was to develop the operating model, transformation roadmap and to implement those changes across all areas of the business in an environment that was growing at 20%+ year on year on a global basis.

To ensure that the business could continue to grow at pace but with some controls, I worked with the C-suite team to bridge the gap between strategy design and delivery by:

  • Clarifying the strategic objectives and turning them into actionable initiatives

  • Prioritising initiatives based on business value, complexity and alignment to the strategic vision, allowing clear communication of the delivery roadmap

  • Established a central Business Transformation team that took on the delivery of the major cross-departmental programmes, removing departmental biases in delivery and breaking down siloed working

  • Worked with departmental project teams to standardise the implementation approach across departments, increasing project success and ensuring that a balanced portfolio of initiatives was implemented

  • Implemented a monthly review of progress against the plan to ensure the portfolio remained aligned to the evolving strategy, helping to focus efforts in the right areas and surfacing delivery risks and agreeing corrective actions earlier in the process

  • Established an open and non-political approach to major change, ensuring that all parties actively supported successful project delivery across all areas of the business

By establishing the Business Transformation team and implementing the new approach to support the massive changes required, we landed the capability that not only allowed us to hit the strategic objectives but, but also giving us the ability to double the business growth in 4 years and not 5 years, hitting the £900m turnover target by 2018 with £97m of profit.

Value was delivered by;

  • Ensuring that we focussed on the key drivers of business value through proper project prioritisation and clear critical success factors

  • Increasing market share by making sure that the operational functions had the capability to meet rapidly growing consumer demand

  • Delivering iterative capability to the business that allowed it to respond to the changing global environment and customer needs

  • Fostered a collaborative end-to-end value stream approach to programme success

  • Increased project delivery success, improving confidence in the company's ability to deliver large transformation on time and within budget

  • Greater acceptance of change as improved project success helped individuals buy in to future changes

Pains relieved included;

  • A lack of clarity on business strategy and what needed to be true for that to be delivered

  • No visibility on departmental objectives and what capability other teams needed to develop in order to support those objectives

  • Projects delivering capability that did not align with the long term operating model

  • Lack of clarity around the internal business ecosystem and the potentially negative impact of departmental projects on other areas



Roles & Results

SUPERDRY - Head of Business Transformation

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Requirements / Actions
Developed and delivered the strategic change programme to turn Superdry from a UK retailer to a global brand
Delivery and Achievements
Delivered the programmes that helped double turnover from £450m to £900m in 4 years.

PRIVATE EQUITY CO. - Programme Director

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Requirements / Actions
Manage the programme to replatform multiple online pharamacy websites acquired through buyouts
Delivery and Achievements
Built a best in class ecommerce platform, transitioning multiple brands and building customer centric features and functionality



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