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Purpose over position.

In a nutshell

A change management specialist and coach who transforms organisations by focusing on its people and culture.


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London & Cornwall, United Kingdom


  • English

Top 5 Strengths

  • Great Communicator
  • Motivational
  • Natural Leader
  • Persuasive
  • Highly Reliable



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Tuesday September 24, 2019

About Sass

I coach individuals, businesses and teams looking for growth and a new sense of direction. I collaborate with clients to help them discover how to become unstuck; inspired for the future and prepped with the creative resources needed to move forward.

I'm also a motivated and qualified change consultant used to working in global environments with experience in the detailed management, strategic planning and communication skills necessary for successful implementation of organisation design and large-scale business transformation initiatives.

Current Role Details

I am currently coaching a number of clients remotely as they are across the US and UAE. All are senior leaders in large, global organisations.

I'm working for a digital start-up based in New York and Croatia designing an on-boarding workshop and change & company culture strategy to help teams align with the new products and processes being released and adopt a fast-moving strategy for 2020. This will involve heading to Croatia next month (Nov '19) to facilitate a number of events.

I'm about to start a short project working with directors and VPs at a large publishing organisation in New York trouble-shooting on-going relationship management issues following a restructure.

Roles & Results

GUARDIAN NEWS & MEDIA - Programme Manager

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Requirements / Actions
Led a 25-strong team to implement a global infrastructure including a redesign and full migration of two data centres with a £1.2m budget.
Delivery and Achievements
Significantly improved operational up-time and reduced operating costs by over 50% per annum.

PEARSON EDUCATION - Change Consultant

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Requirements / Actions
Principal for the change strategy moving an entire product portfolio worth $100m from print to digital-first, integrated digital product models. First of its kind in US Higher Ed publishing.
Delivery and Achievements
In the first year, digital sales for this division increased by ~74%.

PEARSON EDUCATION - Strategic Programme Consultant

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Requirements / Actions
Implement and train in best-practice project methodologies to increase due diligence, reduce release time and simultaneously increase number of titles to market.
Delivery and Achievements
Over 6 months, due diligence on project tasks increased by ~40%.

NEWS INTERNATIONAL - Project Associate

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Requirements / Actions
Project manage a feasibility study and launch of the Eureka science magazine for The Times newspaper.
Delivery and Achievements
Project launched on time and to scope. Secured the buy-in of board members and participation of senior stakeholders to back the project. Build relationships with key scientists to speak at the launch

PEARSON EDUCATION - Change Consultant

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Requirements / Actions
Review and optimise a large, cumbersome print-focused org structure to a more scalable, agile business in line with the new digital-first model.
Delivery and Achievements
Gained traction with the Board providing a set of recommendations as part of a global change programme. This led to the implementation of a project practice and personal development plans


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