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Solution architecture (options appraisals, performing governance and delivering high level and low level designs). Also reviewed IT estates


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Wednesday January 29, 2020


Midlands based IT professional with a background in application design and development.

I am a highly experienced Architecture professional specialising in Google, Oracle and Microsoft technologies (GCP, Fusion, Siebel, SOA, Azure, .NET, Biztalk) and legacy technologies including how to re-platform to the cloud. My freelance consultancy AKSTEC have over 30 years’ experience of designing business, technical and high level solutions and delivering projects for a variety of public and private sector clients of all sizes. We have extensive experience of the Project lifecycle, devising as well as presenting IT strategies and Roadmaps which has included working with C level executives. We have hands on experience of designing and implementing APIs and microservices.

Current role details

Recently an Integration lead at JLR for a number of ecommerce projects which include specifying, building and integrating with MS Dynamics , Magento and Salesforce portals, using the WS02 ESB to implement and host APIs as well as working closely with 3rd Parties to commission and test solutions. Used DevOps and Agile methodologies to design and deliver the solutions which include a purchasing portal with payment integration.

Providing advice and governance to projects on technology solutions and strategies for using Cloud technologies which included Azure, Google and AWS. This also included aligning with technology roadmaps and standards and facilitating commissioning with suppliers.

Sandeep's STAR Stories

Producing rich and comprehensive documentation saves time in later project... (Reveal More OR View Full Page)

DVLA mandated all Vehicle manufacturers to submit built vehicle first time Registration cases in real time following WLTP legislation by April 2019, JLR 6 months behind on the project. Two seperate set of systems currently process Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles with significant differences in data.


Merging of two disparate system processes and data sets into one new registration process to be submitted in Real time with adequate pre validation checks to minimise unsuccessful Registration case submissions delaying vehicle handovers to the customer.


As the architecture lead on the programme I carefully documented and gathered information on the two existing registration processes and systems. Worked with legacy system SMEs to understand the key nuances of the systems and processes and then carefully mapped the data attributes to the new interfaces that we needed called to enable the application builders to build the integration processes. Pointed out the data transformation and validation steps required for each of the data items we needed to send. This resulted in:

  • Clearly documented processes highlighting any differences between the processes for consideration of how to harmonise along with recommendations.
  • Detailed logic for any transformation required to the parameters to use the registration interfaces.
  • Summary of the pain points for the current processes.

The resulting documentation that I lead the production of resulted in the following benefits:

  • Comprehensive As-Is processes and system documentation enabled the current systems to be operated in parallel with the new system without each interfering with the other until confidence could be established in the new system.
  • The documented logic and transformations added detailed design and acceptance testing efforts reducing effort by weeks by having these prerequisites.
  • Improved understanding of current landscape of systems in use reduced the operational risks for the legacy systems, allowing decommissioning to take place over a more leisurely pace.
  • System decommissioning of the old current systems was easier to perform with improved understanding of how they were used, their inputs and outputs as well as any interdependencies. This helped the programme realise their business case of saving over £200,000 support costs by not running and supporting two sets of systems to register vehicles.
Increased business benefits and credibility for an API platform by... (Reveal More OR View Full Page)

Client had implemented a API platform and has a captive SI supplier to build and deliver APIs but they were suffering from build quality issues and not able to effectively reuse APIs built. API platform product owner needed a documented and repeatable process to commission and design APIs so they met business needs, best practices and can be shared internally and with external partners.


As an Integration consultant I was empowered to look at the processes for commissioning APIs from my experience and the existing organisation processes for other types of integrations to devise a governance process and a “playbook” of Documentation templates to use at each stage of the Lifecycle of building APIs. I took as input industry standards such as the Open API Swagger standards, High level design workbooks and Low level technical designs to use to guide the creation of the templates.


My contributions were taking the lead in the activities below.

Creating and socialising with key Governance stakeholders the process and approach to be used during the creation and deliver of APIs, this included API Document artefacts that need to be produced at each stage along with the stakeholders and their roles and responsibilities.

In parallel in consultation with the System Integrators and other architects we created and socialised Documentation templates to be used at each of the Lifecycle stages from Requirements through to Delivery.


The Product owner achieved the following benefits which resulted in more informed use of the API platform for appropriate integrations and improvements in IT’s credibility across the business functions. The outcomes where namely:

A clearer defined and agreed governance and engagement process where key stakeholders had input into the process and can easily be shared with anyone who has an interest in the design and delivery of APIs in the organisation.

Reusable Documentation templates with guidance on how to use them for each of the SDLC stages. This had the added benefit of demystifying the process and reducing development costs for the client due to improvements in understanding and greater leverage with the API development partner.

Recovering and resetting project scope and timelines (Reveal More OR View Full Page)

A large FTSE 250 engineering company had a project which was 4 months behind in delivery schedule and suffered from poor scope definition. It was a critical dependency to a large Airport terminal refurbishment programme with a number of different organisations providing different functions and expertise. Main contractor required the project to be brought under control so it can be planned and managed.


To bring the project under control from a delivery and technical scope perspective, communicate the delivery to key stakeholders in the programme including managing risks and manage the delivery team to ensure the solution gets designed and delivered to the new agreed scope and timescales.


I organised a “War room” approach with the project team to understand the scope of the project, the issues and the requirements we had.

Identified the gaps and issues and worked with senior management and suppliers to establish the new agreed scope and timescales as well as ways of working. We were able to use this to improve the planning process and to have a greater awareness of costs and effort upfront.

Provided regular written and face to face communications to all stakeholders on progress and managed the delivery team to a low level to ensure the software was built to specification and delivered on time. This helped to improve transparency and rebuild confidence with partners and project sponsors.


Clearly communicated the scope and timescales with all stakeholders and sought their buy-in before resetting the project. This improved the project delivery approach and helped rebuild confidence with partners and senior stakeholders. This helped to save 6 man months of effort for delivery from the previous forecasts made.

Collaborative approach with the Delivery team to managing the design, build and testing of the Software changes required while coordinating with 3rd parties who needed to deliver their services in an overall programme of work.

Clear and and concise documentation of progress throughout the project which included how Risks and Issues were identified and managed throughout. This helped to improve the project planning and estimation process immensely.

Optimise Procurement efficiency and effectiveness (Reveal More OR View Full Page)

Local authority client performed procurement using traditional process of creating tenders and emailing suppliers or publishing to OJEU. An opportunity arose to use the new at the time procurement portal Digital Marketplace.


I needed to make some small low value procurement requests to understand the process and steps needed in this new procurement method (digital marketplace). Documentation of the steps and process needed to perform procurements using the Digital marketplace website including tips on which services are suitable, any prerequisites and show the whole end to end process.


I set about documenting, communicating and setting out the procurement process and steps that needed to undertaken. This started off with me gathering and reviewing requirements with stakeholders (as well as setting out clear roles and responsibilities). From this I devised a template from writing tenders and also investigated and documented the process for online tendering.

Once this was don I worked closely with SMEs to document the requirements for each business solution need to agree upon the marking weighting to be applied.

Then next step was to identify the likely organisations to invite to tender with me ensuring the communication was fair and consistent to each party.


Reducing of procurement project man hours required by 20%, allowing more procurement exercises to be run and saving the local authority money with more competitive contracts negotiated with suppliers.

Successfully delivery of a challenging technology project while managing communication with all stakeholders. I was able to reduce the delivery risks while successfully mending strained business relationships with the client’s customer and partners.

The other benefits resulting from my engagement was the cross training of staff using the procurement knowledge I had acquired from this exercise that I disseminated in person and in written form for future reference. This helped my client reduce their reliance on procurement specialists to support their procurement activities.

T Shaped individual covers integration and data domains to help... (Reveal More OR View Full Page)

A regulatory project for an Automotive client had its delivery in jeopardy when the Data architect and Integration architects had a major conflict amongst themselves and had to be removed from the project so as to not risk causing further disruption. The project was already in full flight and using a Agile methodology.


To assess the situation, figure out the remaining tasks before completing requirements and design and figure out the effort and timescales required without any handover from the individuals who I was taking over from.


We assessed the tasks completed so far from an Integration and Data perspective for their completeness, fit for purpose and how effectively they support the wider project team. Once this we was done we socialised our findings with the project managers and the wider team, working with them to establish the remaining effort and resources required.


By covering the two domains due to strict delivery timescales and lack of resources available I was able to help keep the project on track.

This helped the organisation to complete the project broadly inline with original timescales and positively build upon their reputation as being one of the early adopters of the services for the end client.

We achieved this by:

  • Working collaboratively with the team and the SMEs we had nurtured relationships with
  • Avoiding the need to onboard new resources who would have needed to get upto speed with the project and as well as the Client’s working practises
  • Adopting a proactive approach to work closely with Project management to nip risks and issues in the bud early
  • Quickly picking up knowledge in advanced data modelling and in the legislation and the end system we needed to integrate with
  • Forging good relationships quickly with 3rd party delivery partners.


Roles & Results

Thomson Reuters - Technical Project Manager (Show / Hide Details)

Requirements / Actions
Planning and managing the delivery of software release for a currency trading product for Dodd Frank changes for delivery by an offshore team
Delivery and Achievements
Successfully managed a major software release as a Scrum master using a follow the sun dev and test approach catering for unexpected requirements and issues.

Babcock International - Senior Technical Architect (Show / Hide Details)

Requirements / Actions
Technically leading and designing changes to a Real time Baggage handling application to be used at Heathrow following an upgrade of a Terminal. This includes managing the full end to end delivery.
Delivery and Achievements
Technically led and Project managed the design, development, testing and delivery of a .NET based suite of Baggage messaging services as part of a Sonic Enterprise Service Bus rollout for Heathrow T2A

Leicestershire County Council - Solutions Architect (Show / Hide Details)

Requirements / Actions
Responsible for performing options appraisals including presenting findings to stakeholders. Definition and design of final solutions, running procurements for solutions.
Delivery and Achievements
Lead procurements for new technology packages and managed the implementation of them in conjunction with a large transformation programme. Helped the authority save over £200,000 through procuring

Wesleyan Assurance Society - Solution Architect (Show / Hide Details)

Requirements / Actions
Taking responsibility for leading the design and delivery of designs for a Specialist Insurer to ensure technical designs met requirements and fitted into the overall technology roadmap.
Delivery and Achievements
Solution design lead on a systems replacement project migrating Policy administration systems off a mainframe to a new Administration platform.Delivery of project saved £500,000 yearly support costs.

Jaguar Land Rover - Enterprise Integration Architect (Show / Hide Details)

Requirements / Actions
Technically leading key projects and programmes from an integration design perspective, establishing and applying design patterns and best practises, working with 3rd parties to deliver solutions.
Delivery and Achievements
Currently the integration architect on several ecommerce projects defining patterns and building solutions using best practises and upskilling staff in API and microservice design.

Vodafone - Technical Delivery consultant (Show / Hide Details)

Requirements / Actions
Two large transformation programmes were running at a telco in parallel changing business processes and systems and needed to integrate for a consistent multichannel experience
Delivery and Achievements
Performed technical and project alignment with both programmes. Had to understand the dependencies and touchpoints between the two programmes both technically and from a delivery perspective.

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