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Independent GIS Specialist (Consultant, Technician, Manager, Business Analyst, Project Manager)
1 Line Summary
Highly experienced and pragmatic GIS expert available for long or short term contracts or projects.
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United Kingdom
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Brighton and Hove
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Member since: 20-11-2018
My Background Details
Highly experienced and pragmatic GIS Consultant, Spatial Analyst, Cartographer, Business Analyst.

Has a successful track record of project delivery, business requirement gathering and stakeholder management. ITIL certified, and has led the full project cycle to design and deliver enterprise wide spatial solutions. Has worked on projects using both the PRINCE2 and Agile Scrum frameworks.

Vast experience of designing and delivering GIS solutions, and the manipulation, analysis and presentation of spatial data. Experience in maintaining a large corporate spatial data library and gazetteer, sourcing both new data and technologies, and of supporting GIS users across large organisations.

Communicates clearly to customers and business stakeholders, respecting their varied levels of technical understanding and required depth of detail.

In depth hands on experience and knowledge of various GIS and database technologies.
Current Role Details
Currently working as an independent GIS specialist and have been engaging with clients as a contractor since 2011

LU's asset management and geospatial held in disparate data stores and owned by different business functions. The wealth of business data was not being fully utilised in the incumbent GIS solution and therefore not visualised and analysed in a spatial manner by operational decision makers. The GIS user base was limited to a number of 'select' users therefore severely limited the data intelligence within LU.

As part of a multi-million pound enterprise asset management solution upgrade (IBM Maximo), I was tasked with re-implementing the corporate GIS solution to deliver clear business benefits to the organisation. This involved utilising the previously procured Hexagon Geospatial (formerly Intergraph) suite of products and Oracle Spatial database technology.

Redesigned the GIS architecture, developed and then released a solution that:
- Recognised Maximo as a the master of all corporate asset data - an additional GIS database was coupled to this in order to extract required incremental data updates very few seconds
- A webGIS application that could be rolled out to all users across the organisation providing them with real-time asset and work order data presented spatially
- An upgraded version of Desktop GIS with increased access to essential data sets
- An additional GIS view embedded into the Maximo application that provided seamless spatial context to Maximo users without the need to open further applications

During the implementation the solution was continually accessed and improved where relevant business needs arose, and upon closure of the programme, all GIS processes has been fully documented and successfully handed over to the BaU support teams.

The resulting solution provided a number of key benefits to LU, including:
By implementing a robust and integrated set of GIS services and data, the organisation can expect to realise many benefits including, but certainly not limited to, the high-level gains listed below:

- Spread geographical intelligence across multiple areas and support operational decision making

- Reuse of data and the reduced duplication of effort

- Improved data accuracy and currency

- Enable more informed and timely decision making

- Organise asset management information by location

- Conduct proximity analysis and spot opportunity works

- Enable complex GIS functionality to non-specialists

- Using geography to coordinate work schedules

- Putting the right information - into the right hands - of the right people - at the right time - at the right place

SGN - GIS Change Manager and Business Analyst

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Delivery and Achievements
Engaged as GIS Change Manager and Business Analyst on a large-scale business change project enabling GIS capabilities and field data capture processes across a disparate workforce. • Analysing and documenting operational process change. • Designing and providing user training. • Managing and facilitating User Acceptance Testing. • Analysing and managing business and operational impact related to change. • Providing handover of support tasks to BaU teams. • AMT-Sybex (Sigma Seven) GeoField.
EAMS-GROUP - Associate GIS Consultant

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Delivery and Achievements
Contracted as Associate Principal GIS Consultant to deliver and support GIS capability and integration within enterprise asset management solutions. • Heavily involved in a multi-million pound asset management upgrade programme at London Underground. • Hands-on full implementation of Intergraph/Hexagon WebGIS and Desktop. • Managing linear data and dynamic segmentation. • Full solution architecture and documentation. • Relational database object design. • Integrating GIS services and functionality directly into IBM Maximo. • Business analysis and business development. • Corporate GIS and data strategy formulated. • Provided consultation, on behalf of London Underground, on the migration to the ESRI suite of products, including a full technical evaluation of capabilities. • Integration of BIM 3D visualisation capabilities into IBM Maximo. • Hexagon Geospatial (Intergraph), ESRI, IBM Maximo, Oracle Spatial, SQL, AWS, Autodesk, JIRA.

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Delivery and Achievements
Contracted as GIS Consultant and Test Manager on an organisation wide corporate GIS upgrade. • Solely responsible for project test strategy and the conducting of testing activities. • Ensuring GIS supplier and IT service partner fully meet business requirements. • AutoDesk, Northgate.

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Delivery and Achievements
Rapidly deployed as Interim GIS Manager and Consultant to enable the successful continuation of business as usual and business improvement activities. Reported directly to both the Head of IT and Assistant Chief Constable. • Full ownership of all GI related responsibilities across large national public safety organisation. • Lead role in corporate GIS strategy. • Very quickly became fully operational representing the organisation with minimal handover or supervision. • Defining business improvement solutions and promoting these to senior stakeholders. • Daily maintenance and support of existing GIS solutions, services and national coverage spatial datasets from a multitude of sources. • Successfully handing over tasks, responsibilities, methods and organisational knowledge to new permanent GIS Team members. • Provided support and guidance to GIS users across the organisation. • Map production and spatial analysis. • MapInfo, Oracle Spatial, SQL, Erdas Apollo, FME, Ordnance Survey, Experian, Astrium, Aligned Assets.
SOUTHERN WATER - GIS Project Consultant and Business Analyst

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Delivery and Achievements
Engaged on a contract basis as a GIS Project Consultant and Business Analyst. The role comprised engineering a comprehensive business requirements specification for a multi-million pound enterprise wide GIS solution, and to formalise the related project benefits and ROI. • Engineering, prioritising and documenting business requirements following input from both user and strategic levels, across different business areas. • Stakeholder engagement and management, chairing stakeholder and user workshops. • Driving change and GIS strategy in a challenging environment of senior management inertia. • Subject matter expertise. • Researching business processes and designing opportunities for improvement. • Project benefits and ROI plan. • Autodesk, ESRI, Intergraph, MapInfo, Ordnance Survey, Aligned Assets, Northgate.

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Delivery and Achievements
Engaged as a GIS Project Consultant on the implementation of a secure extranet GIS web portal and Spatial Data Infrastructure, for use by over 10,000 users across multiple national security agencies during the 2012 Olympic games period. • Delivery of leading edge GIS solution under extremely tight timescales and within a difficult working environment. • Built relationships and gained trust with disparate stakeholders, both across a large number of internal business functions and external agencies, all with very different needs. • Marketed the solution, gathered requirements and managed expectations. • Building a robust relationship with multiple suppliers to ensure milestones are met and any potential obstacles and risks are managed. • Data discovery and accumulation on a national scale. • Driving forward a national policing symbology standard to enable a common geographic language amongst disparate multi-agency stakeholders. • The development of e-learning training and support material. • Astrium GetGeo, ESRI, MapInfo, Ordnance Survey, Aligned Assets, GeoServer, FME.

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Delivery and Achievements
Employed as Mapping and Data Officer then promoted to the role of GIS and Gazetteer Manager, thus becoming accountable for all things ‘spatial’ within the organisation. • The provision, and continual improvement, of a central map production service. This includes the cartographic design and creation of maps for operational support, court exhibits etc, plus the spatial analysis of crime and intelligence data. • Project Management of the full lifecycle of an internal webmapping solution across the organisation, to facilitate intelligence gathering and corporate communications. This included technical architecture and requirement engineering. • The ownership and improvement of the digital corporate mapping library, plus the sourcing and creation of new datasets. • Lead role in corporate GIS strategy. • Management of the corporate Gazetteer service to enable fast time and precise police response, and accurate incident location recording. • Building and maintaining trusted professional relationships across various levels of seniority, both within the organisation and with external data and software suppliers. • Acting as the technical lead and key decision maker for all GIS and Gazetteer related technologies, providing consultancy and expertise, and keeping up with technological trends and changes. • Line managing a team. Supporting, coaching and aiding the team’s development. Prioritising and delegating workloads fairly, often during times of high pressure and to tight deadlines, whilst ensuring a high level of customer service is maintained. • MapInfo, Intergraph, FME, Infoterra, Ordnance Survey, Experian, i2, Oracle, SQL, CadCorp.

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Delivery and Achievements
Community based voluntary work, followed by independent travel around West Africa. • Aiding health education, designing a series of dual-language information leaflets and providing computer lessons to students. • Adapting to living within the environment of a small rural community in a developing country, and learning to communicate across different cultures.

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