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I help CxOs develop their companies' Digital tools, processes, people, culture and structure and launch new Digital/IoT products and services.


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Thursday May 31, 2018

About Roberto

I've been a Digital Director client side for over 20 years. Started at Nokia in Finland in 96 when the entire Digital infrastructure was a single workstation under my desk. Later managed Europe's busiest Website: Moved on to Digital Strategy and Transformation, completing the Digital turnaround of MORE TH>N and EDF Energy. Lately I have added Innovation and Agile Product Development, leading the Connected Home business at EDF Energy and the Membership team at Coop.

I lead a Digital Strategy, Transformation and Innovation consultancy, helping medium and large organisations structure and deliver a successful transformation of every aspect of their business, as well as coaching and advising Boards, CxOs and startups.

Current Role Details

I lead a Digital Transformation and Innovation consultancy, helping medium and large organisations structure and deliver a successful transformation of every aspect of their business, as well as building innovation capability and teams and scale innovation prototypes into mature products and services.
I also coach and advice CxOs as well as startups.

Roberto's Valuable Contributions

(Case Studies)


Big 6 energy company wanted to avoid customer disappointment at the experience of having a smart meter installed. These have been promoted as advanced technology that enables customers to manage their energy consumption and lower bills, but customer research showed they didn't meet customer expectations and customers resented being told they were getting accurate bills as the only immediate benefit.

Take advantage of smart metering roll-out to position client as the Feel Better energy company, delivering on customer expectations by creating and commercialising a range of Digital and IoT products and services that do deliver on customer expectations.

Additionally, this activity would create an open innovation centre, driving innovation and digital transformation through the entire business.

I set up the Innovation Lab and introduced Design Thinking, Service Design and Agile delivery to the organisation. I also introduced Lean Startup and Innovation Accounting frameworks.

These practices were integrated into an Innovation Toolkit, and a training programme was created in partnership with a top London Business Education University to make the skills and toolkit available to everyone in the organisation, starting with the board.

The lab matched internal innovators (as product owners) with designers, researches, developers, etc to create, test and scale Connected Home products and services. Successful prototypes would be incubated in the lab before being integrated back into the business as they reached maturity.

Additionally, the lab hosted external innovators and startups, and engaged in business model innovation through partnerships with other large organisations.

The lab was a resounding success, with funding and scope increasing year on year and creating a continuous stream of scaled products and services for the business. The lab enabled the client to be Amazon's only utility partner for the UK launch of the Alexa voice service, the first utility in the world to support meter readings as smartphone photos, the launch of bundled Smart Voice and Smart Heat tariffs and the introduction of realtime consumption monitoring, alerts and usage disaggregation in the cloud, available to all Smart Meter customers.


With the Low-Cost airline market maturing, my client wanted to transform its retail website from a simple booking engine to a complete travel proposition addressing all aspects of the travel planning journey.

There were a number of key challenges to deliver over a 12-month timeframe:

- Refresh the website design, addressing branding and usability issues and preparing the ground for the introduction of a large number of product features without negatively impacting the user experience or conversion rate

- Introduce a number of innovations to the booking process: shopping basket which can hold multiple flight segments (100+), introduce dynamic packaging capability for insurance, car hire and other products; introduce insurance to the booking process; create a propensity model for in-funnel car hire to present the right car for the party, destination and season; improve itinerary confirmation, increase payment perceived security, support the introduction of many new routes, languages and currencies/payment methods.

- Design and deliver completely new products: online check-in, speedy boarding, on-airport check-in kiosks, sales and price alerts, abandoned cart programme, CRM and dynamically packaged complete holidays

I delivered a programme of work using Agile ways of working and autonomous multidisciplinary teams, completely revamping every aspect of the online journey and transforming the business, ahead of time and below expected cost.

As a direct result of this programme of work, the client experienced unprecedented growth in its non-flight revenue, while more than meeting its flight targets, resulting in thoroughly successful business outcomes and millions of happy customers, cementing its position as unassailable number one and increasing its lead in a very competitive market.


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TI MEDIA - Digital Strategy Consultant

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One of 2 Executive Advisors from HiveMind who created and delivered a strategy engagement to the top leadership team at the client, helping them map a Digital Strategy as a starting point for an intense programme of work to reinvent their publishing products for the 21st century.

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