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I coach IT Services organisations to reduce churn, improve margins and optimise utilisation.


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Tuesday January 29, 2019

About Rob

I am a senior IT professional with a demonstrated track record in all aspects of IT in large and small organisations, global and local.

As an Executive Partner with Gartner Executive Programs, I worked extensively with CIOs and senior IT executives. In this role, I offered advice and guidance on topics as diverse as IT governance, organisational transformation, demand management, performance measurement, service delivery and development of high-performing teams.

From this experience I developed the Delta Framework: a set of components for organisational change. These components encourage high performing teams and improved productivity through creating a clear vision, energising and focusing people and encouraging sophisticated leadership and accountability.

My personal focus is pretty simple: I like helping organisations and teams improve productivity… it’s always through a journey of clarification, encouragement and rigour, it always reaps solid ROI and most of the time it’s fun!

Current Role Details

At the moment I'm working with local and state government in a governance role, doing some executive coaching and collaborating with Professional Services organisations to reduce their employee churn, increase margins and correct utilisation rates. The latter is wonderfully engaging and worthwhile work because so many people benefit: business owners, PS managers, the individual consultants, and of course - customers.

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Rob's Valuable Contributions

(Case Studies)


A newly formed branch of the largest IT department in the State Government asked me to facilitate an off-site for the entire branch. We were to discuss strategic planning and prioritisation of activities in the next six-month period. However many of the personnel had come from other state government departments and brought with them the bad habits of the past. Poor motivation, lack of accountability, inattention to detail and general fear of management change meant that the group was quite dysfunctional.

The task was to focus the group on strategic priorities but it soon became clear that the problem wasn't agreement on priorities, but the degree to which attendees would actually commit. There was a general lack of accountability and commitment to the results they were being asked to deliver.

I changed the run sheet for the day to include a section on psychological safety - the ability for people to be held responsible, be given a voice and to be trusted within the team. The discussion was wide-ranging but by the end the team realised that there was very little trust and respect in the group and without that the new department was doomed to fail. We agreed on some plans to address this interpersonal disrespect... the most simple of which was to impose strict guidelines on meeting attendance... simple things like coming on time, doing the prep and respecting the opinions of others. I delivered some additional follow-up material around Google's "Project Aristotle" as well.

After the off-site, the Director sent a carefully worded email to all staff in the branch instructing that from now on, a $1 "late fee" would be imposed on people late for meetings. (This would go to charity at the end of the year). Also each meeting would start with a randomly selected person's story about how they had collaborated with another staff member in the previous week - everyone should be prepared to give this anecdote.

The result of these seemingly insignificant behavioural modifications changed the tone of the branch entirely... even previously rusted-on old-school employees started to grudgingly accept that working together was the only way they could succeed... and now the branch has made a name for itself as "the place to work" inside the department. This is the power of small incremental changes that deliver measurable productivity improvements in terms of reduced employee churn, improved staff morale, and just better quality results overall.

While this success might seem insignificant in a commercial environment, in state government where there is significant resistance to change, actual lasting behaviour change from these sorts of discussion is rare, so it was particularly pleasing.


Roles & Results

LOCAL GOVERNMENT - Chair of the ICT Governance Committee

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Delivery and Achievements
As the Chair of the committee my role was to drive the agenda to impose rigour on the delivery of the Digital Transformation program. It needed to be the committee that carried enough authority that Councillors would be confident to allocate funds to the transformation project.


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Delivery and Achievements
Support the CIO and his team in creating a psychologically safe environment in which everyone could thrive.

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES ORGANISATION - Mentor and coach for PSM and Consultants

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Delivery and Achievements
This PS organisation had a problem with employee churn and low margins. I coached both executive management and individual consultants in taking responsibility for their results and the implications of working as a true consultant not just as a "gun for hire".



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