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A highly-experienced & knowledgeable senior programme, project and product professional.


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A highly-experienced & knowledgeable senior programme, project and product professional with a successful background in insurance, specifically; general and niche, B2B, B2C, e-commerce, start-up and digital sectors.

Based in the NW of England.

Current role details

I help businesses create successful insurance partnerships and affinity arrangements in both personal and commercial product sectors by developing engaging propositions, best in class operational capability, all supported by accomplished project delivery management.

Capitalising on my extensive real-world experience of the insurance market place gained from working with some of the leading brands, insurers, brokers and new start-ups in the UK and overseas. I provide knowledge and expertise, stimulate innovation and support change.

Richard's STAR Stories

A commercial regional network restructure, re-homing a large insurance portfolio... (Reveal More OR View Full Page)

A known insurance brand, providing a UK-wide broker network for numerous years, had become somewhat stagnant in its growth, lacked innovation, was seeing a general decline in new business sales and was uneconomic in its overall operation.

Coinciding with a wider group restructure, it was clear that other business areas would better manage and serve these existing customers and could offer a more innovative solution to improving renewal rates. This change required a new approach to existing legacy systems, inefficient operational centres and established teams.


As the Programme Lead, I was engaged to;
– fully develop an integration plan for the existing business
– close multiple sites down and reallocate existing personnel where possible
– establish and implement new ways of working for all processes within the wider group
– eradicate unnecessary effort and duplication, reducing costs where possible
– integrate IT systems & many other business functions


My initial priority was to ensure that the project’s overall objective of the project was clearly understood as there were numerous key components that are critical to the success of the change.  I broke the project down into smaller sub-projects including;

  • The closure of operational centres across the UK and subsequent re-direction of existing and new traffic to another part of the business
  • Defining and agreeing on the potential rehoming capability of existing employees or redundancy packages
  • Systemic transfer of the existing business portfolio to another part of the business
  • Changes to the website and internal and external communications

I set up and facilitated planning workshops to highlight the key functions, risks and issues.  These enabled me to effectively plan the end-to-end transition process, teeing up all the required changes at the appropriate time and in the right order, communicating any issues and providing regular progress updates to the board.

By effectively establishing a highly robust and efficient integration process with effective project management controls, the integration took place on time, on budget and seamlessly transferred the existing business portfolio within the wider group.


The business restructuring programme successfully delivered a more effective operational capacity within the wider group removing the unnecessary operating costs.  The transfer of existing customers, c.£30m of business was placed into the group.  The customer  communication was seamless and provided a continuation of expected high levels of service with minimal cancellation.

Value was delivered by;

  • Clearly demonstrating the value of the restructure to the broader business as opposed to simply selling off an established portfolio
  • Improved policy renewals retaining existing business
  • Built confidence from across the business that such large scale portfolio integrations could be undertaken in the future
  • Improving customer and colleague service and satisfaction
  • Cost reduction from branch sales
  • Enhanced ability to drive improved financial returns and sustainability
  • Best in class cost and service efficiency
  • Meaningful and actionable KPIs and metrics
  • Improved resilience and workload management across the wider business
  • Becoming a genuine true business partner to CEO and more broadly, across the wider group

Pains relieved included;

  • Lack of the right resource for projects to improve performance
  • Overall acceptance of wider business restructure
  • People impact
  • Lack of clarity or understanding around longer term components of the business and possible future restructures
  • Inexperience and an absence of appropriate ways of working
A non compliant insurance renewal process brought up to date (Reveal More OR View Full Page)

A leading UK general insurance brand had realised that they not been sending out policy terms and conditions in line with regulatory processes and procedures at renewal for certain commercial insurance products. This was primarily down to a lack of governance and understanding of how existing customers were being dealt with at the time of renewal invitation and fulfilment. It was clear that a major overhaul of the process was required, contacting a significant book of business to offer an explanation, providing the correct copies of the appropriate wording, addressing any pending claims and ultimately re-design the renewals fulfilment process from the ground up.


s the Programme Lead, I was engaged to;
– fully develop a plan for the renewals business so that it was compliant, trackable, and efficient
– ensure that new business continued to operate as it should do
– establish and implement new ways of working for all processes within the specific Commercial Insurance business area
– eradicate unnecessary effort or costs where possible
– update IT systems and other systemic functions
– manage pending claims processes
– devise a mass roll out policy wording mailing to all effected business (c.40,000 policies)
– ensure that the wider business was kept up to date with progress against an aggressive time line to resolve


My initial priority was to fully map the overall new business and renewals process for the Commercial insurance area ensuring that all relevant systemic and manual interventions were captured accurately and concisely. All relevant documentation including policy wordings, summaries of cover and invites were collated and recorded to ensure the entire process could be reviewed.  The impacted business spanned 6 separate insurance products. 

I set up a working group of multiple business areas including;

  • operational teams managed the process from a customer contact perspective
  • marketeers drafted the comms that would be sent to the current renewed business
  • key operational and fulfilment personnel were readied to mass send documentation to existing business
  • planning leads so that once a roll-out plan had been agreed, it could be implemented coherently and on agreed timescales
  • board level communications

By thoroughly reviewing the existing processes and agreeing some changes to it, I could quickly establish a highly robust plan that could be implemented to ensure that from an agreed date all renewals business was compliant.  The revised process was implemented on time and budget. 


As a result of the revised process, there was only a minimal cancellation of renewal business, less than 0.5%.  Customer contact did increase as a result of the mailing but the contact centres were prepared and dealt with queries accordingly.  Regular governance controls are now in place to ensure that both new and renewal business meets the required fulfilment criteria. A recommendation was also presented to the Board that a full review be carried out on other product lines within the wider group.

Value was delivered by;

  • clearly mapping the overall process demonstrated to the business where the failings occurred
  • mapping the systemic and customer journeys are an effective way of understanding complex processes and make it straight forward to implement improvements
  • no significant loss of existing renewal business
  • increased confidence of the existing renewal business
  • customers were refreshed of their benefits associated with their specific insurance products
  • confidence from across the business that such large scale mappings and process reviews and improvements could be undertaken in the future
  • best in class cost and service efficiency
  • meaningful and actionable governance, KPIs and metrics
  • improved resilience and workload management across the wider business
  • becoming a genuine true business partner to CEO and more broadly, across the wider group

Pains relieved included;

  • lack of the right resource for processes to be reviewed in depth and to highlight any issues 
  • overall acceptance of undertaking other business process reviews
  • inexperience and an absence of appropriate ways of working

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