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Absolute commitment:
deliver what is needed
'till the job is done

In a nutshell

Programme/Project management, delighting in fixing problem programmes.


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Exeter, United Kingdom


  • English

Top 5 Strengths

  • Outcome Focused
  • Motivational
  • Persuasive
  • Highly Reliable
  • Positively Disruptive



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Tuesday June 16, 2020

About Peter

Programme Manager, Snr Project Manager mostly Telecomms IT
# Arrive
# Find out what needs to be done
# Put solutions in place manage
# If required, mentor replacement
# Handover

# Computer Programming course (S370 assembler)
# Programmer in "the City" (Extel)
# Poached as first employee for startup
# Contracting in Antwerp, Belgium
# Set up & ran company for 8 years (ramp-up to 7 employees before '90s recession)
# Open University: Project Management (distinction)
# Open University: MBA
# O2 Germany (3 month contract extended to 6 years: startup to "mature") - Release Management, Organizational development, ...)
# Project and Programme Management roles (O2, 3, C&W, CarphoneWarehpouse, TalkTalk, Tesco Mobile, UK Broadband, CableCom, KCOM, Manx Telecom, T-Impact)

Current Role Details

Current Role: Enjoying a break
Last Role: Interim Head of Delivery for company specializing in Robotic Process Automation mainly for Local Authorities and Legal firms.
Before That: Mend IT Transformation Programme running late and over budget

Roles & Results

T-IMPACT - Interim Head of Delivery

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Requirements / Actions
Engaged to keep the delivery function progressing • Recruit and mentor new Head of Delivery • Make significant improvements to the Delivery process
Delivery and Achievements
Recognized early on that there was insufficient projected sales to maintain the delivery capability, so recommended significant cost reduction (inclding me)


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Requirements / Actions
Initiate & Manage the Programme of Business & IT projects to facilitate organizational separaton.
Delivery and Achievements
Ready for standalone business operaion demonstrable to VC.

MANX TELECOM - Transformation Programme Manager

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Requirements / Actions
Recover programme - already 6 months late with 2 months to go. Initiated APM MSP Programme Audit – implemented change to improve as a result
Delivery and Achievements
Programme deliverd. MSP score improved from 1.7/10 to 4.5/10 (very bad --> still pretty rubbish, but much better)

ECLIPSE INTERNET/KCOM - Project/Programme Manager

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Requirements / Actions
Maternity cover: Managing the Programme of delivery commitments for customer, in-house and New Product Developments
Delivery and Achievements
• Caught/resolved “pre-sale” unsupportable customer proposal • Introduced weekly pre-commitment project governance

CABLECOM NETWORKING LTD - Project/Bid/Vendor manager

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Requirements / Actions
Vendor Selection, vendor management & delivery of ServiceNow in support of Service Desk, Sales & Marketing, Contract Management, Project Management, Survey & Knowledge Management ...
Delivery and Achievements
ServiceNow solutoin commissioned, trained and implemented process for future change.


Industry Experience

  • Telecommunications
  • Government and Public Services

Regional Experience

  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Asia


Peter Brooke

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