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Deliver executive development/facilitated workshops on strategy, innovation & customer centricity


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London, United Kingdom



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Sunday January 13, 2019

About Paul

Business leader and consultant with responsibility for developing and implementing strategies to deliver significant profit and revenue growth. Extensive experience of leading culture change to deliver new service capabilities and business innovation.

• Business school lecturer/facilitator, executive advisor, consultant and speaker on strategy, innovation, marketing and entrepreneurship.
• Operational P&L management for global telecoms providers/business school.
• Development & delivery of pioneering business capabilities to achieve growth in new markets.
• Management of business through a private equity transaction and successful IPO on the London FTSE 100.
• Leadership of pan business change to successfully introduce market focussed culture, building employee commitment, implementing innovative processes and structure.

Previous roles held: VP Product Management; CMO

Executive Workshops: Pharma, Manufacturing, Govt, Fin Services, Tech, Telecom in Middle East, Asia, Europe, USA

Current Role Details

SVP Products and Professor of Practice at Ashridge Business School:
Deliver executive education programs and facilitated workshops to executives globally on the topics of Strategy, Innovation and Customer Centricity.
Lead the global Ashridge Products team developing new and innovative executive education programs (including digital and online) and managing the portfolio of Open, Custom and Digital offerings.

MD / founder, Gallifrey Ltd:
Provide business consulting, training and development workshops and conference speaking on strategy, innovation and customer centricity subject areas.

Paul's Valuable Contributions

(Case Studies)


Need to innovate in order to address the client challenges:

o Maintain market leading position and avoid commoditisation of product in a strong competitive market

o Deal with competitive threat of competitors who are closing the quality gap

o How to maintain pricing levels

o Build on innovative heritage (R&D process) to create process around ideation

o How to enter and grow in the new developing global markets of China, Russia, South America, India

o How to create pull from end users for product through the distribution chain

Run an Innovation workshop for a business division. A 3 day workshop to focus on the following topic areas:

o Creating an innovative culture

o Creating a strategic innovation toolkit

o Business model innovation

o Disruption for incumbents / mature markets (Europe market)

o Prioritisation of innovation project opportunities

o Making innovation happen - a process for translating innovation strategy into tangible actions and to follow innovative initiatives through to complete execution. Tools for the discipline of innovation.

o Value proposition innovation (e.g. Job to be done, pricing, customer journey mapping etc.)


o An innovation strategy and action plan for the business unit

• Design and deliver an interactive 3 day workshop that creates tangible innovation action plans for implementation in the business unit

• Sharing ideas and initiatives within the business unit team to support best practise

• Program content and narrative:

a) Innovation & Disruption:

Explore the concept of disruption and how this applies to industry incumbents (e.g. the European business).

• Identify the early warning signs of disruption and map these for business unit

• Explore concept of innovation; definition, the continuum of innovation, ROI for innovation efforts.

b) Strategic Innovation Toolkit

• Introduce innovation toolkit – innovation strategies, processes and metrics.

• Explore innovation strategies with focus on business model innovation and map to business unit.

• Explore innovation culture and processes to implement innovation – e.g. culture for leading innovation, value proposition development and innovation, customer journey mapping, 3 models for managing innovation projects, prioritisation of innovation project opportunities, agile innovation methodology

• How to measure innovation – metrics and performance

c) Innovation lab and action plans

• Identify action plans throughout program and participants describe and agree their innovation initiatives to take forward

Identified an innovation strategy and key actions to undertake

Based on outcomes from this workshop the need for a review of the Branding Strategy was required. A follow up workshop was delivered and a new branding strategy defined.


Roles & Results

MANUFACTURING CLIENT - Innovation Workshop design and facilitation

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Delivery and Achievements
Workshop facilitation and innovation strategy & action plan delivered


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Delivery and Achievements
Undertake strategy workshops with management team and CEO to diagnose new strategy. Undertake strategy review with Board. Deliver new strategy to Board.

GLOBAL SATELLITE START UP - Review distribution strategy options to identify innovative business model options

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Delivery and Achievements
Facilitated a process to model and capture distribution model options and recommend alternatives to CEO.



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