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Patricio Colombo

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I love helping companies with their tech, freeing their IT teams to work on improving the business

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I help companies with their technology to free their teams to work on the business


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Tuesday December 25, 2018


I’ve got a degree in Information Systems, I have over 25 years of experience in IT, both in the Development side (SQL, Oracle, Databases), as well as Operations.

I love helping companies improve their tech and helping their IT teams thrive.

To make sure I’m busy outside of working hours, I’m also a Private Pilot and a Rugby Referee and Coach, a School Governor, and a Neighbourhood Councillor. I live in Sussex.

I’m originally from Argentina, so I also speak Spanish

Current role details

I currently offer CIO/CTO as a service for Small and Medium size organisations.

At the moment, finishing my engagement with Dreamland Theme park in Margate, Kent.

Previously CIO at Jamie Oliver Group and PGA European Tour

Patricio's STAR Stories

Helping Dreamland trade safely over their peak season in the... (Reveal More OR View Full Page)

Outdated infrastructure and wrong IT team profile meant Dreamland was at serious risk ahead of their peak season in 2019


The task was initially to do an audit. The findings were quite something, with an in house team failing to deliver on infrastructure and security and service, and a strange looking budget, I was engaged to audit and make the park resilient to trade this summer. and to provide a budget analysis and forecast for 2019.


We looked at the existing team in place and infrastructure at the park, and the solution partners in place to help them deliver the park business during the busy peak Summer period. Dreamland had been in administration a few years ago, so finding contract details was a big challenge.


I did a deep analysis of the IT budget to find out where the money was being spent on, looked at all partner contracts and started consolidating them. With this information in hand I also created a budget forecast to the end of 2019, so the business could understand where and when the money was being spent.

The IT team was reactive to park requirements rather than proactive, there was no plan in place to make sure tech was prepared where it was needed before the park opened. For this I created a park opening plan, particularly focused around trading, EPOS, PED and PDQs, network cover and availability, and wifi access in all sections of the park.

We had to reconfigure the park’s wifi to improve security on their public and private wifi offer to cater for nearly 15,000 visitors a day safely.

The infrastructure had many single points of failure, and was unable to cope with even minor disruptions, We added resilience to ensure the park could continue trading in all circumstances.

The park initially wanted to outsource all their IT operations, but later changed their mind, so I helped them provision internal resources to rebuild the team internally

Roles & Results

Dreamland - CTOaaS (Show / Hide Details)

Requirements / Actions
Audit initially, then stabilise the team and infrastructure for the park to trade in 2019
Delivery and Achievements
Built infrastructure to add resilience to operations. Improvemed Meraki wifi infrastructure Created a park opening tech plan Brought in team expertise to improve internal delivery

Edgbaston - CTOaaS (Show / Hide Details)

Requirements / Actions
Audit initially, then put together a plan of improvements Analysis of Sky wifi contract with the ECB
Delivery and Achievements
Created a tech steering group to address silo operations between retail, F&B and ticketing. Planned resilient fibre networking around the stadium Issued recommendations for the wifi negotiations

PGA European Tour - CIO (Show / Hide Details)

Requirements / Actions
Bring innovation to the tour, investigate expensive salesforce contract bring a tech partner for the Ryder Cup 2018
Delivery and Achievements
Created a tech spec and brought in HPE as a tech partner for the Ryder Cup Investigated a very expensive Salesforce contract, finding and dealing with irregularities in time for the Ryder cup sales

Jamie Oliver Group - CIO (Show / Hide Details)

Requirements / Actions
Develop and manage the team and IT infrastructure for the group
Delivery and Achievements
Grew the infrastructure to cope with 7500 people by 2014 (contractors and staff) from 60 in 2008 under 17 different group companies