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State of the Nation- UK Customer Satisfaction

March 22, 2017

UK CSI: State of the nation January 2017 – positive start to the New Year. Along with the New Year, Burns night and a New American president in office before the end of January, the most recent UK Customer Satisfaction Index results are out and here’s a rundown of the highlights. If you want to […]

Relentless Focus On Engagement

July 11, 2016

On a bright sunny morning, CCA Global held their annual MBA day for customer service and engagement leaders at RBS site in Gogaburn, Edinburgh. Hosted by Kaye Adams, who normally appears on our TV screens in Loose Woman, Kaye asked the audience and presenters about the biggest challenges in terms of customer service delivery today. […]

People Powered Change

June 3, 2016

Latest measure of employee engagement found that only 16% of workers are engaged, or are emotionally connected to their job. 68% of the workforce are totally disengaged and 16% are actively disengaged. The root cause of this is due to management and organisations not creating an environment which is conducive to creating a good employee experience.

Designing and Improving the Customer Experience in Financial Service

November 22, 2015

This project investigated how leading financial services (FS) organisations design and improve the customer experience. Our team of academic researchers and consultants set out to uncover the practices of customer experience management used by 23 FS companies across Europe and the USA.

Retail Directors Workshop at Fortnum & Mason

May 30, 2015

Having worked in Retail for over 20 years, we were delighted to be asked to co chair an event with Rant & Rave at the prestigious retailer Fortnum & Mason. There were a number of themes that were discussed throughout the day along with delightful drinks and fabulous food – only what one would expect at Fortnum & Mason.

People Powered Business

May 12, 2015

In March I was a judge at the Employee Experience Awards at the Grand Connaught Rooms in London. I have previously judged at the Customer Experience Awards, so this was a first for Employee Experience.

It was inspiring to see so many companies there, those brands we all recognise to ones that were less well known. We had companies with 40 employees to those with over 10 thousand. All had stated a rapid growth in their business, which had caused some of the challenges.

What makes a CX Winner?

May 5, 2015

It was great to be asked to Co Chair the Winning with CX conference at the British Film Institute in London. The event had been brought together by Awards International, Cranfield School of Management and Customer Experience Magazine and included presenters who had won awards at the UKCX Awards last year.

5 Pressure Points faced by Contact Centre Leaders

March 30, 2015

Trends impacting Customer Contact Centre Leaders today: So in my blog last week (consumer trends) I highlighted the trends that are impacting customer behaviours today which are: Personalised customer interactions Multi channel everything Fast increasing customer expectations A shift from one size fits all The rise of influencers With this as the backdrop and ever … Continue reading →

Contact Center Challenges Due To Changes in Customer Behaviour

March 23, 2015

As we transition from the Age of Information, or the internet of things and move into the Age of Engagement, have the challenges we faced on along the way changed? have they stayed the same? Or are they just getting harder?

Having run some of the largest contact centres in the UK, whilst some of the demand/contacts may have reduced as customers are doing it for themselves, such as basic queries or just checking on things, the challenges from the past 10 years are still prevalent with new trends emerging.

Personalisation, Individualism or plain old Just Joined Up (JJU)

February 4, 2015

As we are now well into 2015, I have read with interest articles about how things have potentially improved or how some things or sectors have continued to deteriorate. UKCSI results headlines are hot of the press are the results are a little concerning, although there are some seeds of positivity in there too. The … Continue reading →

Perfecting the Customer Experience: Strategy and Delivery

December 17, 2014

Our last drop-in session (December 15) focused on Customer Experience Strategy and Delivery. HiveMind CX Experts, Nicola and Jerry, spoke at the session and shared insight and examples of; How the right customer experiences can reduce costs and drive revenues, how to create a sustainable customer experience strategy and plan to deliver it, and highlighting the demonstrable links between Employee engagement and Customer engagement.

A little bit of Heaven and a lot less Hell – wishes of CX from 10 UK companies

November 25, 2014

I reflect on my week from hell, as I travel to the CCA Convention for it’s 20th year, to listen to some great speakers talking about the developments in Customer Contact and Customer Experience. I also think about what I will convey in my opening message at the session I am chairing  – ‘understanding your customer, … Continue reading →

Client Stories: Creating the Best UK Customer Experience

November 6, 2014

Northern Gas Networks have made some huge improvements in services and performance, which have had a positive effect from the customers’ perspective, as well as regulatory measurements. This has resulted in improvements in their customer satisfaction ratings. However they wanted to take this to the next level, by really stepping into the Customers Shoes and understanding how they could design better experiences across the various journey’s through the touch-points a customers has with NGN. Their Vision “to be the Best UK business for Customer Experience, in the eyes of their Customers”.

‘Customer excellence is here: it’s just not very evenly distributed yet’

October 28, 2014

‘Customer Excellence is here: it’s just not evenly distributed yet’. A fantastic quote that I wish I could claim was mine! Whilst it is not, I can recognise a particularly relevant and accurate quote when I see one. The quote is in fact the very first line of the executive summary of this years Nunwood UK Customer Experience Excellence Report – a report that should be essential reading for any customer experience professional in the UK.

Agile – To Be Or Not To Be

October 20, 2014

We love Agile because it’s helping to open people to the idea that the process is not more important than the outcome. But we’re nervous because it’s in danger of becoming a process that’s more important than the outcome…

Apple could lure big brands back to city centre

October 17, 2014

The launch of the Capital’s first Apple store is likely to act as an “anchor” for the high street and attract brands back to the city centre, retail experts have claimed. Business insiders said the outlet could attract shoppers and revitalise the economy. The technology giant’s flagship Edinburgh store will open on Saturday at 10am, with queues expected to start forming as early as tomorrow night.

What Role In Transformation Can Customer Experience Play?

September 23, 2014

My Belief is that Customer Experience (CE) provides a blueprint to transform a business by combining two aspects, that for many businesses are diametrically opposed. ‘Drive shareholder value to make the business a more fulfilling place to work and a ‘delight’ to deal with for customers’.

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