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IT Services & Program Director
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I am an experienced IT Services and Program Director with a track record of delivering significant service improvements and complex programs in international and multi-vendor environments.
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United Kingdom
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High Wycombe
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Member since: 15-06-2018
My Background Details
My background is in multiple aspects of IT Services: Delivery, Support, Management, Governance, Sourcing, Organisation, Culture, Supplier Selection & Management.
Current Role Details
Started a 20-30 day consultancy on 28th February 2019 to review service delivery performance, interview IT & business community representatives, and create a Service Improvement Plan with quick wins identified. Client is Clarion, Consulting Supplier is Virtrium.

Zurich Insurance was experiencing difficulties recruiting a Head of Global Data Centre Services.
They also had problems with the quality of supplier service delivery with their key/main supplier.
- the supplier resourced the services based on 80% offshore, 15% onshore, 5% nearshore and the teams were not working well together
- service availability was poor (multiple High Severity service problems and outages each month)

Engaged as interim lead for Global DC Services to manage multiple suppliers and three in-house support teams.
Focus required on resolving the key/main supplier issues, creating a short term Service Improvement Plan, and establishing and managing a Continual Service Improvement process.

Managed and directed internal Global DC teams in Switzerland, Ireland and USA to support service strategy and required outcomes.
Built relationship with and managed all Global DC Services suppliers, with regular meetings and appropriate measures and governance.
Built relationship with key/main supplier onshore and offshore teams, including several visits to their various Indian locations for face to face meetings to discuss failings/improvement plans.
Initiated short term Service Improvement Plan with key/main supplier, agreed objectives, actions and success measures, and implemented monthly reporting to key stakeholders.
Established Continual Service Improvement (CSI) process and culture and transitioned from Service Improvement Plan to CSI to ensure momentum not lost.

Reduced High Severity incidents and outages by 30% through improved Incident and Problem Management processes, change in key/main supplier teams personnel, and reporting.
Improved Major Incident Management process, reducing average length of high severity outages by 25%, especially communication and links to Problem and Change Management, and monitoring progress through post incident reporting and action tracking.
Supported Global DC Services team managers in transitioning to improved service model
- more emphasis on DR/BCP planning and testing and supporting the business units with full DR testing carried out separately in Europe & North America in 2013 for the first time
- set up of Service Centre in Dublin in 2013 to replace several functions in Switzerland, and implement SIAM process teams
- helped to recruit permanent Global DC Services lead by refining and updating role description and requirements, and interviewing candidates

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Old Mutual Wealth had created an IT Transformation Program and wanted to second their Head of Delivery Assurance and Service Management into the program.
They required an experienced interim manager to manage the team and key service suppliers during the Transformation Program first phase (12 months).
The performance of their hosting and infrastructure services supplier was poor, and a commercial escalation was in progress to drive the required improvements, which needed to be managed.

Engaged as interim lead for Delivery Assurance and Service Management to manage internal teams and all service and support suppliers (Hosting, Infrastructure, Applications).
Directly manage and track all actions and results identified as part of the commercial escalation, and make recommendations for next steps in follow up meeting two months later.

Managed and directed internal teams in Southampton to support and position for transformation strategy, as well as keeping day to day services and projects running.
Built relationship with and managed all key service suppliers, conforming to Old Mutual Wealth supplier governance (including visits to key supplier sites in UK and India).
Built relationship with hosting and infrastructure services supplier, including their key offshore support and project teams.
- managed commercial escalation actions and changed approach from a task list tick box exercise, to a structured set of activities with measurable outcomes
- structure required problem statement, current performance measure, action to address with timeline, up front agreement on success measurement, sign off when measurement met
- created parallel short term action plan to address the immediate service performance issues
- established Continual Service Improvement (CSI) process and culture and directly "sold" alongside supplier managers to the offshore teams in town hall events in India
Took Service Transition role for all new services from suppliers to ensure they were deliverable and supportable - no service could be introduced or contracted for without my approval.
Provided an independent review of Service Delivery (internal and suppliers) for input to the transformation program, and presented to CIO and COO.

Improved hosting and infrastructure services through short term action plan covering Incident, Problem, Change and Release Management.
Intervened in several new service plans to ensure they could be delivered and supported. Made sign off to proceed dependent on meeting stricter acceptance criteria.
Represented Service Delivery for the first time in internal and supplier negotiations to ensure all new contracts and service agreements met the required standards.
Effectively managed the under performing hosting and infrastructure services supplier
- managed commercial escalation actions through to conclusion
- recommended more focused approach from supplier at the commercial escalation follow up in India, resulting in new resources allocated 100% to improvement
- shorter term improvements made reducing number of high severity incidents by 40%
- established CSI as a business as usual activity within supplier and Old Mutual Wealth, with nominated owners in both organisations


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Roche wanted to explore new service delivery options, potentially moving from an in-house only service delivery and support model to using managed service and cloud suppliers.
The pilot required a number of Project Managers to head up each of the program work streams.
If the new model was to be implemented Roche needed to understand:
- flexibility and agility that cloud services may provide in cost and speed of delivery terms
- run rate affordability compared with the existing in-house model and
- impact to Roche organisation
- one time costs of implementation from new supplier and within Roche e.g. implementation team, consultancy, redundancies
- cost avoidance opportunities e.g. capital investment in data centres and infrastructure

Engaged as Project Manager for the Service Control work stream, covering:
- definition of services, responsibilities, measures and costs
- ensuring any service would confirm to security, regulatory and quality requirements
- working with the two suppliers already engaged (IBM and HP)

Engaged as Project Manager for the Service Control work stream with the objectives of:
- working with the other work stream Project Managers as part of the Program team to ensure consistency of purpose and results
- working with the two suppliers already engaged (IBM and HP)
- understanding each supplier's Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud service offering in terms of inclusions/exclusions, service management approach, SLAs, pricing
- identifying gaps in supplier service and how these would be managed from within Roche or elsewhere
- creating the Service Control element of the RFP for each supplier to respond to, and following up queries, gaps and omissions
- the pilot was to run for 9 months, with a presentation of results of the analysis of services provided, costs and impact to existing Roche teams to the CIO and COO

Managed the Service Control work stream with resources from Roche, Deloitte and PA Consulting.
Engaged with senior Roche Security and Regulatory teams to ensure any new service conformed to current needs, and to also challenge the validity of current needs.
Created and finalised the Service Control part of the program RFP.
Followed up RFP responses with IBM and HP, including workshops to define and agree service scope change.
Worked with PA Consulting for Service Control of supplier negotiations, including Service Measures, Service Credits and pricing.
Together with the other work streams finalised the findings, analysis, costs and impacts for presentation to the CIO and COO.

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