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Friday October 11, 2019

About Nick

I ski. I mountain bike. I wakeboard. I travel. I think freely, and promote positive disruption. I challenge myself to experience the different, the abnormal, the unfamiliar. I bring this into my work.
I’m the founder of POWPOW, helping people become more awesome versions of themselves.
I’m seeking investment for POWPOW, to disrupt the sporting activity app market.
I’m seeking opportunities to help positively disrupt other marketplaces and other organisations by bringing what I can offer to help solve the problems faced by Customers. Most of all, I’m here to create value!

Current Role Details

Product Owner / Manager at First Direct Bank. I've set, and continue to iterate, the vision for the re-platforming of the main Customer Servicing platform to a modern, omni-channel API-based estate.
This involves leading the release train, ensuring alignment across Scrum teams, adherence to strategic intent and, above all, delivering an awesome Customer and User experience which solves fundamental problems experienced by both of those major stakeholders.

I'm also the founder of POWPOW app, which we have in beta test currently and for which we are seeking investment to enrich our PoC.

Nick's Valuable Contributions

(Case Studies)


How do you sell a vision for a fix when the organisation doesn't realise there's a problem?

Having been engaged by a client to produce & deliver a roadmap for a re-platforming programme and help determine how quickest this could be achieved, I realised the problems ran much deeper than they had originally been communicated...
Legacy infrastructure supporting fundamental bank controls & capabilities
No e2e process design nor collateral
No Custer Experience understanding nor research
Little strategic understanding
Funding model which encouraged short-termism

Having tried a couple of 'tried and trusted' methods of communicating the problems, as they were, there was little in the way of senior buy in to our proposed delivery approach (which was "tear up your business case, and start again"). We reviewed why this might be, collaboratively determining the potential faults in our own approach. We realised that the organisation wasn't sufficiently mature in it's journey to understand the material we had curated.

I decided to take things back to basics, and demonstrate the need to pivot through the Customer experience. But we decided to use a Storyboarding tool, which helped make the experience relatable and personal. It helped the organisation to 'see' their typical Customer, and understand how they felt before, during and after interacting with the bank. It removed parochial interests and helped to break down the silos in the organisation.

The Business Case for the programme was re-written, resulting in a shift away from a tactical technology driven migration to a strategic re-positioning around Customer Journeys and Experience.
A Business Architecture team was formed, to help definition/creation of key artefacts.
External UX Engineers onboarded to help shape the target state via the main focus being the Customer
PROBLEMS UNDERSTOOD, and documented.....

....all from the help of a Storyboard. Nice


Roles & Results


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Requirements / Actions
Delivery of a re-platformed servicing estate, and migrated Customer Journeys.
Delivery and Achievements
+30% online sales conversion (Personal Loans) +15% automatic acceptance rates (Personal Loans) -23% underwriting referral rate (Overdrafts) Helped introduce & embed SAFe working practices/mindset

LLOYDS BANK - Proxy PO / Lead BA

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Requirements / Actions
Introduction of online Execution Only Mortgage Sales Delivery of a re-platformed servicing estate, and migrated Customer Journeys.
Delivery and Achievements
Reduced application times from 2 weeks to 3 days (FAs) 70% reduction in complaints £1.5m p.a complaint redress saved 46FTE saving in branch network

CO-OP BANK - Project Manager

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Requirements / Actions
Delivery of new 'High Risk' function into Fraud & AML Prevention unit
Delivery and Achievements
£750k p.a. reduction in RCSA exposure +15% success rate in alerts resulting in NCA referral or ended relationship Delivered Process Matrix into Dept for first time to enable ongoing process management


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Requirements / Actions
Payroll separation Employee data migration Establishment of 2 Colleague Share Schemes
Delivery and Achievements
No data breaches in payroll separation / employee data migration Definition of servicing model for retained payroll provider supporting both organisations >8,000 colleagues invited to share schemes


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