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Enabling business leaders and managers to flourish

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Speak to me about leadership coaching and utility regulation consulting, including Brexit


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Coventry, United Kingdom


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  • Great Communicator
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Tuesday August 27, 2019

About Mike

Before setting up my own coaching and consulting business, I spent around 30 years in the energy sector, most recently 20 years at National Grid.

I've been told consistently over the years that I'm great with people, regardless of their rank or grade. How people feel at the end of their working day is very important to me, so my aim as a coach is to enable business leaders and managers to flourish in their role: developing themselves, their team and their business; delivering better results; and thinking more strategically.

Finally, I have around 15 years leading commercial and regulatory teams for National Grid, so my energy consultancy work is focussed on utility regulation specifically and Brexit more generally. I've worked closely with government and Ofgem officials, as well with external customers and other stakeholders, both in the UK and EU. Most recently, I successfully led and coordinated National Grid's Brexit readiness in time for the original March 2019 deadline.

Current Role Details

Director of my own coaching and consulting business.
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Roles & Results

NATIONAL GRID - EU Policy Manager

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Requirements / Actions
Ensure post-Brexit GB energy regulatory arrangements allow continued UK/EU flows of gas and electricity regardless of Brexit outcome in time for original March 2019 deadline.
Delivery and Achievements
Agreed position with HMG/Ofgem on relevant secondary legislation. Facilitated joint position with neighbouring EU network operators. Close working relationships with all parties - seen as expert.


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Mike Thorne

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