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Mike Burrows

In a nutshell

In a career spanning aerospace, software tools, banking, energy and the public sector Mike has been a global development manager, IT architect and IT director. As an Expert Practitioner he now helps organisations evolve and transform at scale, taking a values-based approach to Lean, Kanban and Agile.


Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK,

HM Expert since

Saturday March 22, 2014


Mike’s not your typical practices-centric Agile coach – Mike thrives on portfolio-scale problems and typically engages with leadership teams, helping them address the reality of how things work end-to-end, not just within teams. He’s also a regular speaker at international conferences and internal events.

Mike can help you manage more transparently, prioritise more effectively and deliver more predictably. He works on making leadership and learning integral to the way business is conducted at every level in your organisation, so that benefits continue to accumulate to the workforce, the wider organisation and its customers alike.

Mike is well known in the Kanban community as an experienced practitioner, communicator and teacher, and for some notable contributions to the way Kanban is understood, taught and applied worldwide. He’s also a member of the management board of LKU’s Accredited Kanban Training (AKT) program and on the advisory board of its Kanban Coaching Professional (KCP) program.