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Monday June 10, 2019


My work is primarily focused on Customer Service culture, strategy and innovation, helping organisations to optimize the service experience and value creation to their end customers. I see myself as a reliable professional with clear ideas in mind about the generation of positive outcomes for clients and how to make organisations ready for approaching today’s complex, service innovation projects with the right organizational/customer mindset.

Current role details

Managing Partner in Agendum Solutions since Nov 2012.

My role in Agendum Solutions is the management and business development of these main areas,

– Facilitation, Consulting and Focused Training programs on Customer Success (culture, strategy and innovation).

– Designing and developing collaborative contexts that positively impact on Customer Service (employee and customer experience, value creation).

– Advising on Enterprise Collaboration platforms.

Miguel's STAR Stories

Improve Relationships, Confidence & Value Delivered Across the Business (Reveal More OR View Full Page)

Internal communication among middle-managers in a key department of the Regional Government Office is ineffective, with low commitment from teams to sharing information and collaborating.

This is also the case between Top Management with the rest of the organization. People feel excluded from important deliberations; their knowledge and capacities are ignored, they need to express their ideas in a simple and clear form, with feedback mechanisms in place to verify that everyone has understood the message.


Designing an improvement plan that includes:
– All the actions, scheduling, responsibilities and tech. solutions, starting with a pilot phase of maximum 3 months.
– To support company-wide cohesion and seamless connection between business units and people.
– To impact the whole organisation, giving everyone immediate access to content and information.


A successful initial pilot phase was conducted that led Management to approve and carry on the project. Both consulting and facilitation activities started with a set of company-wide presentations and workshops to increase awareness and realization of the needs for improving actual status.

Face-to-face sessions were mixed with online activities to stimulate project follow ups, using a specific online collaboration platform that supported internal dialogic and participative processes. This process helped in structuring conversations among project members with rest of the organization, driving both ideation and prioritization dynamics for decision making and solving complex problems.

Specific key actions:
-Identify cost, quality and innovation improvements through development and delivery of an aligned sourcing strategy
-Enhance capabilities and capacity to meet business objectives
-Make more informed decisions, quickly, objectively and transparently
-Provide guidance on improvement and development measures and priorities


Value was delivered by;

  • Achieving higher level of participation and engagement by front line employees and middle-managers in both, design and processes improvement.
  • Establishing two-per-year face-to-face general meetings where everybody can keep connections and empathy at higher levels.
  • Adopting of the specific Web-based collaboration platform used during pilot and development phases, helping the whole organization keep momentum on internal conversations and dialogic processes.

Pains relieved included;

  • The lack of cross-collaborative approach has been progressively overcome and people’s attitudes are incentivized in the context of the overall organization’s goals.
  • Poor internal communication by establishing an overall plan with monthly online conferences across territories to periodically review objectives and to making adjustments on business plans.
  • Expected issues due to integration of collaborative online platform with the rest of IT corporate assests were overcome by applying an agile approach in project management and delivery.
Enabling Customer Success through an enhanced Business Relationships Program with... (Reveal More OR View Full Page)

Faced with significant problems and low levels on customer satisfaction from the activities carried out by its network of service partners, the subsidiary of a multinational IT company had to profoundly rethink about how to build better relationships and create mutual benefits with them to support and grow the overall business.

There were some internal challenges as it was not clear enough the role that service partners can be playing in supporting the company’s business strategy and driving customer loyalty.


The initiative started with an analysis from both sides in order to help,

– Define a company’s strategy with service partners.
– Identify service partners’ needs in terms of tools, processes, resources, incentives.
– Establish the basis to ensure a consistent, end-to-end customer service experience.

The conclusions from this analysis:

Service partners are indeed helping the company to leverage its marketing strategy and broad its reach, actuallly providing additional support with their own capabilities for development and integration. They are helping to reduce overall costs and in general, extending company’s service solutions.


A joint journey with service partners started under a clear purpose: To have a company-wide, integrated framework for customer service and success that will support business growth.


Setting strategy, vision, expectations about what the company wanted them to do and mutual commitment and direct communication at the time of asking partners to invest in people and resources.


Different workshops were delivered that provided great learning outcomes on how to better integrate services

Both mentoring on service practices and training programs accelerated the process of helping partners to ramp up.

Tools and platforms were deployed in form of,
– Service Partner Portal (process, playbooks, offerings content, templates)
– Enterprise Collaboration tools (sharing, editing, conferencing, messaging)
– Analytics and Dashboards


Ensure the operational adoption through,
– Ongoing, continuous engagement
– Webinars and training (certifications)
– Continued support and practice optimization
– Analysis of results, metrics and best practices


– Great improvement on customer engagement by faster service response and case handling (+35%).

– Expanding business opportunities on implementations and consulting services (+20%).

– Improved business relationships with service partners. Better incentives and results on their P&L.

– Transparency and learning outcomes from customer service activities, into the partner portal.

Going beyond ‘only-product’ business management: Improving customer success and service... (Reveal More OR View Full Page)

A medium-size family enterprise with a leading position in their industrial sector is facing important issues in their approach to customers. The current board mainly composed by the second generation of sons and daugthers is following the traditional ‘only-product’ business management ways and methods established by the company’s founder. That view resulted in a strong success and company growth in the past, but the scenario (3 years before COVID times) the company is facing shows a continuous decline in sales results, mainly due to a bad service reputation and weak business relationships in an environment where uncertainty prevails in markets and customers.


CEO (the older son) feels it’s the time to lay the foundations for a new sustainable and evolutionary customer relationship approach with a more personalized treatment and much better service management processes in place. It’s necessary a new way of doing, thinking and feeling about the customer that would lead again (but more consistently in the future) to achieve the objectives in terms of sales, revenue and service excelllence.

The initiative was kicked off by the CEO, followed by the Board and middle management, with Sales Director and Customer Service Director mainly involved in its deployment.


An inquiry process started by running a survey exercise deployed to all employees (a deeper diagnostics exercise was defined to the Board and Managers) with the aim of addressing service issues under following 5 perspectives:

  1. Leadership and Service Vision
  2. Customer Service Experience
  3. Employee Experience
  4. Service Delivery
  5. Information Systems

One of the key elements for driving changes was to improve the quality of the conversations from within and with all the customers and partners. Those conversations were conducted under a structured approach and cross-functional view, having all departments engaged in those, giving voice to all the areas that directly or indirectly are having impact on customer success.

Running several workshops on joint sessions between the Board, Middle Management and selected clients, with the purpose of prioritizing issues by using Jobs-to-be done framework and problem reframing methods

Finally, an actions plan was defined based on all the outcomes collected.



The inquiry process, structured conversations and workshops sessions uncovered numerous criteria and the important actions for improvement that have resulted in,

  • Top Management has reinforced and consolidated its focus on customer success through a continuous communication and leading practices over the whole organization, making visible that service excellence is the key factor in creating greater value for both customers and the company.
  • Key Account Management (KAM) functions have drastically improved by having now a more integrated view when negotiating agreements or dealing with customers’ issues. Business meetings with clients and groups of selected end customers have increased, from 2 visits/client/year to 4 visits/client/year.
  • All employees (not only those on the front line) are involved in taking care of customers’ problems and also empowered to make decisions.
  • More efficient service operations. Service costs have been reduced by 19% after 2 years.
  • Delivery of quarterly training programs on customer service across the whole organization.
  • Employee recognition and annual rewards programs to appreciate service quality experiences (with customers’ testimonials) and good service practices.
  • More preventive actions to avoid service failures, resulting in an increase of the Net Promoter Score from 30 to 50 after 2 years.
  • Plan for adopting technologies like CRM to provide higher quality service.

From the analysis of the structured conversations and workshops it was very clear that a sense of awareness and creativity sparked the exchange and share of ideas about how customers should be approached and service should be delivered. Dialogue and collaborative working in the organization is now much more fluid. It has encouraged people to find common ground and better decision-making process to move forward over all the actions above detailed.


Roles & Results

EPSON IBERICA (SPAIN) - eBusiness and Internet Services Manager 2006 – 2012 (Show / Hide Details)

Requirements / Actions
Management and Business development of eCommerce and Internet Services (Epson eStore and eTailers)
Delivery and Achievements
eBusiness strategy, eCommerce sales development and creation of ePartners' network (eTailers)

EPSON EUROPE B.V. - European Customer Services Senior Manager 2002 – 2006 (Show / Hide Details)

Requirements / Actions
Management of Customer Service startegy and delivery of projects at Paneuropean level.
Delivery and Achievements
European Customer Contact Center for delivering support to all Epson Customers. Epson Service subsidiary in Russia.

EPSON IBERICA (SPAIN) - Customer Services and Support Director 1989 – 2002 (Show / Hide Details)

Requirements / Actions
Defining the Customer Service Policy, aligned to the company's business objectives with a Profit and Loss accountability.
Delivery and Achievements
Strategy and organization, based on three main areas: Call Center - Field Services - Service Engineering and Training on Spain territory.

La Salle - Business Engineering School - Academic Coordinator 2008 - 2014 (Show / Hide Details)

Requirements / Actions
Curriculum and faculty ccordination in the Master in Supply Chain Management and Technology
Delivery and Achievements
Top Academic Program with high reputation among SC professionals

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Scaling customer sucess in your organization through highly enhanced service... (Reveal More OR View Full Page)

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