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In a nutshell

Really enjoy doing somthething different with a marketing strategy and the creative part ofdelivery.


Bristol, United Kingdom



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Friday June 07, 2019

About Michael

I love getting into the detail of a marketing challenge and working out creative ways to solve it.

I have 19+ years’ experience managing marketing projects for global corporates (Intel, Vodafone and NETGEAR), as well as a wealth of process knowledge gained in my role as co-founder (+marketing, sales, project management, support and more – as all co-founders do) of BPI OnDemand, award winning Oracle CX/CRM practice.

Having being diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in 2014, relapsing and being given a terminal diagnosis (2 months to live) in 2015, I wanted to a) prove my consultants wrong; b) get back to the core of what I love – strategic and creative marketing, so I set up Beyond-Consulting.

Through Beyond-Consulting I provide marketing expertise to develop strategies to drive growth and do the work to make that growth a reality, because too often organisations find it hard to deliver engaging marketing (being honest), hence the job title ‘Chief Thinker and Do-er.

Current Role Details

Owner and Chief Thinker and Do-er at Beyond-Consulting, outsource marketing expertise that does the doing as well as the thinking.

Michael Evans

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