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“Without data, you're just another person with an opinion.”
― W. Edwards Deming

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Wednesday May 13, 2020


Melanie is the founder of HARNESS, a boutique professional services organisation that works with clients to cut through complexity and make the best data-informed decisions for their business.

With over 20 years of global experience, Melanie knows what good looks like and how to achieve it. That experience includes enabling the cross-functional teams that will make or break transformation programmes.

Melanie has a rare ability to navigate broad or complicated scenarios and pinpoint the key actions that will drive more successful outcomes. Clients particularly value her pragmatic thinking, enthusiasm, and fresh perspective.

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Ramping up internal and external adoption of market-leading call centre... (Reveal More OR View Full Page)

The organisation was having difficulty moving the sales community from a ‘box shifter’ sales mentality to selling a leading VoIP call centre solution developed and introduced to the UK market 18 months earlier. Apart from one or two significant deals, there was nominal appetite for selling the full proposition to clients or prospects.


I was tasked to refresh the go-to-market materials and develop a fully resourced marketing plan for the proposition.


In addition to the original task, I identified circa $100,000 market development funds available from a key vendor that had a significant interest in the success of the proposition. Having secured agreement from both the vendor and senior sales leadership within the client, we developed an eight-week sales enablement programme that addressed knowledge gaps and commercial objections to the proposition. Fully delivered, the programme comprised three separate components:

  • Lunch and learn webinars delivered by internal functional heads, market analysts, the vendor representatives, and client stakeholders
  • Multi-format solution-led sales training, with validated outcomes defined by the client L&D team
  • Sales playbook, presentation materials and concurrent marketing campaigns to generate demand

Increased sales opportunities for the proposition by 30% without any additional Opex spend by the client.

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Increased sales opportunities for the proposition by 30%

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