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Account Leadership, turn-around and running P&L. I relish a large scale delivery and innovative thinking to solve problems.


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Friday January 03, 2020

About Mark

I'm an experienced IT Account Exec and large scale delivery leader. I have a history of going into difficult accounts and stabilising them. For example, I turned around a 'red letter' account with a very unhappy client and low margins into two $10m renewals, and doubling gross margin. I also took on a portfolio of accounts, all with legal issues, and put them all to bed.

I'm still a technologist at heart, so in my time off, I've written and delivered the software for a race-car shaker rig.

Right now, I'm enjoying 3d printing disrupting the manufacturing space (will be the next industrial revolution?) and I'm watching the inevitable impact block chain is going to have, putting control back into the hands of users.

Mark's Valuable Contributions

(Case Studies)


We were given 6 months notice to leave the account, and I was sent in to fix it. We had been dropping the ball on the basics. Parts of the contract weren't being delivered, and the client was nervous about what we did deliver.

There were also intangible issues which hurt our position: we were seen as inflexible, hard to engage with, and expensive for things that looked like they should probably be free. You get the picture - we had behavioural issues and were looking like the nightmare supplier.

Go in. Fix The Account. Keep the contract. Do what you need to do.


  • Increased visibility of benefits realised from delivery of projects - got all the poor parts of the contract delivering on the button.

  • Increased confidence from the business - we broke the information out and gave the client access to everything. We apologised. We kept delivering on time without drama.

  • What did you do to help... changed the delivery team - replaced 4 tired and worn out managers with three fresh ones with experience in turnaround. Implemented lean which got us brilliant results in quality and delivery times. Inside of Lean, we automated everything we could.

  • Improved process and procedure reduced risk meant staff could focus on improvement, not desperately treading water.


  • The service started delivering on time, all the time. Drama went away.

  • CSATs went up, and we were asked to bid on more work.

  • Having a much improved delivery service meant we could accommodate an increased rate of client change requests for free, rather than charging.

  • we enabled the client growth plan. When they went agile, we were more than ready for them to make the change.

  • we incorporated 50% growth in service without charging more. Margins also doubled over 5 years for the same headline charge.

  • As a result of improved service, we had two further renewals of the contract.

Pains relieved included;

  • Difficulty in accepting new requirements went away - we became a lot more flexible. The client started to say good things about us.

  • Service availability went up dramatically. We didn't drop a service point in over 4 years.

  • Lead time to requirement implementation went down

  • The client didn't need to manage us any more, so they could focus on their business, not their supplier.


Roles & Results

HPE - Account Exec

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Requirements / Actions
Running P&L. Managing a sales pipeline. Growth of accounts. Client satisfaction.
Delivery and Achievements
Turned a failing account around. Doubled gross margin. Secured two $10m renewals. Increased CSATs. Onboarded work from other suppliers. Grew churn business from $100k to $1.6m per year.


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Mark Prince

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