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Work Different, Be the Difference.

In a nutshell

Business and technology consultant and HiveMind Chief Executive.


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London, United Kingdom


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Top 5 Strengths

  • Outcome Focused
  • Great Communicator
  • Motivational
  • Hard Working
  • Highly Reliable



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Wednesday April 30, 2014

About Lyndon

Entrepreneur, Business Leader and Market Development Strategist with a strong business and IT services background and 25 years UK/European experience in both Blue chip and start-up businesses, refining and implementing innovative service and product sales and marketing strategies across multiple sectors.

Keen interest and track record of success in leadership, exec, non-exec director and active investor roles. Bringing knowledge, experience and skills necessary to responsibly grow service quality, diversity, enjoyment and revenues.

Current Role Details

Main areas of specialism and current responsibilities focus around overall organisational design and leadership, business development, financial planning, corporate strategy and value proposition design.

Lyndon's Valuable Contributions

(Case Studies)


Due to skills restrictions because of office location and limited flexibility in op-ex, this client was struggling to resource a major change programme with the right skills, just when they were needed most.

The CIO needed a way to call upon trusted peers for reputation based recommendations of experts that would make themselves available to help ah-hoc, not just on a fixed contract.

Working with the CIO we were able to understand the strategic priorities for the coming 6 months. These were mapped and confidentially circulated with trusted HiveMind members who then assisted in refining requirements with accompanying background insight.

This enabled rapid network propagation of requirements that arose through the period, to trusted experts who became quickly familiar with the member’s organisation and were willing to help as needed, working together to make a bigger difference that they could alone.

As requirements for ad-hoc advice, insight or temporary capacity arose, the CIO and his team were able to quickly and easily bring to bear trusted, relevant experts, gaining advice and delivery support around the challenges. This meant that with limited budget flexibility, the CIO tapped into the right people, for just as much as was needed to reduce unnecessary spend in a myriad of areas. This freed up some of his budget which in turn enabled HiveMinders to provide additional capacity to his team, enabling faster delivery on other existing initiatives.

Working with a number of HiveMind members who helped introduce agile ways of working, the CIO's reputation with board peers was significantly lifted and the client organisation achieved a reduction in their ‘IDEAS TO LIFE’ time FROM 90 DAYS DOWN TO UNDER 10!


Roles & Results

GARTNER - Rainmaker

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Requirements / Actions
Developed Gartner’s C-Suite relationships within major accounts. Role combined commercial responsibility with delivery team coordination to meet aggressive renewal, growth and new logo targets.
Delivery and Achievements
Increased business footprint, relationship quality and seniority level between Gartner and numerous key, enterprise clients over a two year period.

TRUEWAYS - Non-Exec Director

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Requirements / Actions
Provide executive team with guidance on strategy, performance, risk, people, resources, appointments and standards of conduct to enable revenue growth and positioning for sale of the business.
Delivery and Achievements
Enabled business and brand growth whilst leading business sale negotiations enabling successful acquisition of the business by private equity investor.

FORRESTER - Rainmaker

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Requirements / Actions
Developed C-Suite relationships within major enterprise clients, to drive revenue growth through new account acquisition and account expansion.
Delivery and Achievements
Delivered new revenue growth by 20%+ year on year with close to 100% client retention in professional services and travel sectors.


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Delivery and Achievements
Developed/redeveloped business plans, strategy and structure for start-ups and business turnaround, sourcing and securing finance via government backed funding, private investment and business angels networks.

Lyndon Docherty

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