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Kevin Thomas

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Good leadership skills to improve team performance and treating people with dignity.
Effective skills I use with great success in the past was, adaptability, clear communication, work ethic and diplomacy.


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Wednesday June 27, 2018


An experienced, highly motivated, driven and customer-focused Service Delivery and Desktop Support Team Lead, having exposure to the Banking, Financial Services and IT Consultancy sectors, and with a proud proven record of maintaining and improving IT service delivery within environments of up to 3000 internal and external clients.

Has ensured effective Supervisory processes and procedures in place to ensure smooth day to day operations within an ITIL environment. Successfully managed teams of up to 6 support engineers, coordinating and overseeing technical activities as well as assuring a rapid team response to major incidents. Hard working and affable.

Kevin's STAR Stories

Improving Service Desk Support First Call Resolution with Good Leadership (Reveal More OR View Full Page)

Global Corporate Banking Santander, IT Service Delivery, Desktop Support Team were disrupted by a Data Migration Project of their IT Service Management ticketing system BMC Remedy.

This had an adverse effect on the team, using the system because of the pressure needed to duplicate creating tickets and logging tickets from the old system to the new migrated system.

This placed a heavy burden on the team of 6 technical support 1st / 2nd line engineers, trying to maintain control of the high volume of open incident ticket calls, which were highlighted in the weekly recorded performance metric report, for the support team which often exceeded the business SLA target levels.


To control the flow of open Incident logged tickets, which currently was rising to 60% on a weekly basis since the Project data migration was implemented in alignment with learning a new method of logging tickets introduced within all support teams in the Organization.

Steps need to be taken, to stem the increased volume of open incident tickets, overwhelming the team performance. The team will be required to have:-

• Internal training for New Migrated Remedy System

• Documentation / Manuals provided to the team to help log tickets correctly into both systems

• Network access to both call logging systems confirmed by all individual team members

• Weekly Team meetings scheduled capture issues and problems

• Feedback Communication 2 way channels setup for the team


The organization predominantly uses a rigid leadership management style within the organization.

I wanted to learn more about the team and to do that I used the action centered leadership style, different to the status quo.

I used empathy as my approach to Individuals to understand how they were logging tickets in the system to further understand my questions of:-

What’s causing the bottlenecks to happen?

Why are calls taking so long to close?

I took the time to systematically sit down with each engineer and observed the method they used and whether the team as a whole were working together using the same method and procedures to log incidents ticket calls.

I paid attention and took notes of their concerns and issues, as they explained their individual methods of logging calls.

This allowed me to accurately identify and correct, improper execution of creating a logged ticket call and the opportunity to advise and mentor them to ensure they understood that they were working in the same way as everybody in the team and that they understood the support policy and procedure.


The result was fantastic as I was able to stem the rise of the open call tickets, reducing weekly open tickets down by 40%, as opposed to original figures of 60% and rising,

I was able to increase productivity because the team was now working as one, adopting the same method of logging tickets and not spending too much time with open incident tickets that were breaching SLA time.

There also was an Increase in team camaraderie due to an open environment between myself and the team members, stress was reduced with the way we now share the workload and the way we are now proactive in our working methods.